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4 Replies and 11533 Views Electric Puffer type drywasher - Keene - any good?  11533  4 Started by Anyone have any thoughts or experience with the Keene DW212V Drywasher. It's the small/medium size puffer, runs on crank manual or small motor. There's a used on in pretty good shape that I might have a lead on but don't know if it's worth looking into or a waste of time. Thoughts Thanks fer the help. AlohaJim
4 11533
by  Samuel JepsenJump to last post
26 Jan 2023 02:07 PM
3 Replies and 3690 Views 12 volt puffer style drywasher  3690  3 Started by Any members got any recommendations on current manufacturers of 12volt puffer style dry washers New to Arizona and looking for one to use on the claims. Thanks!
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by  Samuel JepsenJump to last post
26 Jan 2023 02:04 PM
19 Replies and 17063 Views High Divide LDMA property  17063  19 Started by I just noticed this property on the LDMA camp map. Does anyone have any information about it Is this a metal detector property or What is the closest town If anyone has additional information I would like to know more about it. Thanks  
19 17063
by  JIM BROTHERSJump to last post
22 Jan 2023 03:02 PM
4 Replies and 2648 Views Mining Guide  2648  4 Started by Can anyone tell me if the Dickinson claims in Yavapai county AZ are in their hardcopy mining guide My copy must be outdated just wanting to know if the claims are in your book. Thanks
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by  Tony GlaspieJump to last post
10 Jan 2023 04:20 PM
1 Replies and 2514 Views Desert Forx & Blue Bowl  2514  1 Started by Thanks, guys, for your info. With Reget, I have tried everything, adjusting water and angle of wheel, still no luck. Table is level, etc. Will continue to pursue the fine gold. I don't care for basic panning figured either the DF or BB will give me faster results. Again, thanks guys.
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by  Sergio RamirezJump to last post
05 Jan 2023 12:13 PM
0 Replies and 1528 Views Desert Forx & Blue Bowl  1528  0 Started by Thanks, guys, for your info. With Reget, I have tried everything, adjusting water and angle of wheel, still no luck. Table is level, etc. Will continue to pursue the fine gold. I don't care for basic panning figured either the DF or BB will give me faster results. Again, thanks guys.
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05 Jan 2023 09:54 AM
2 Replies and 2180 Views Desert Forx  2180  2 Started by Desert Fox appears not capable of getting small gold out. Tried everything recommended to no avail. Same with blue bowl. Frustrating.
2 2180
by  Benjamin BelfiglioJump to last post
05 Jan 2023 01:29 AM
3 Replies and 1930 Views Desert Fox  1930  3 Started by Tried everything, no luck. My paydirt is so concentrated, almost like dust. Tried even heaver, concentrate no luck. Followed instructions in handout, still no luck. I am convinced, in order to retain gold, the concentrate has to be nuggets size gold, rather than small fine gold. I would question the video's that show gold running to the top and dropping in the little basket. At this time, would not recommend the Desert Fox. Anyone who has had had luck processing small gold, please let me know.
3 1930
by  Jonathan LorettoJump to last post
03 Jan 2023 11:41 PM
5 Replies and 3629 Views Tips and tricks for first time Scuba Gold Snipers/Crevicers  3629  5 Started by Long story short: I'm a scuba diver, new to GPAA & gold prospecting. I would love tips, places, and help with discovering potential spots to gold snipe in southern california. Hello good members of the GPAA. I'm brand new to the world of gold prospecting/panning/recovery. I panned once or twice at some tourist paydirt places of the arm highway in Alaska. Recently I have bought a bunch of paydirts, got some pans I like, and I'm starting to get pretty good at managing my material and gettin...
5 3629
by  Travis WilliamsJump to last post
26 Dec 2022 06:04 PM
8 Replies and 2926 Views 10 digits 1/2 a brain.  2926  8 Started by Hey, A GPAA member for two years. Living in NOLA I have never had a chance to use my membership. I have only prospected in N.C. Tenn. and Ga. I know myself to be a “king of overkill”, by the time I build what I need there is usually a cheaper and maybe better factory model available but that will not stop me! I hope to head to Az. NV. N.M. in the spring. I see from reading here that the ground is getting pretty wet but maybe by the time I arrive it will be dry enough for drywashing. I can’t ...
8 2926
by  Michael MerrellJump to last post
25 Dec 2022 08:34 PM
11 Replies and 3045 Views Arizona Prospecting  3045  11 Started by I have been Prospecting the Arizona desert now for a couple of years with really no success. I did buy a small hand puffer, dry washer but have had no success finding ground worth using it. I have been mining in the Morris town area claims. I know there must still be some gold out there on those claims, just need a little guidance on where to look for it. I tend to migrate towards the small washes and I guess that's not where to go since I have found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciat...
11 3045
by  Stan CalavanJump to last post
16 Dec 2022 01:15 AM
6 Replies and 2879 Views Membership card  2879  6 Started by Hi all, I’m a new member in the so cal area. I tried my best to find the answer to my own question but need some help. I just joined and I am a college student right now, so I took the monthly payment option for the membership. On the webpage, it does show that it doesn’t include a membership card, but I have access to the claims etc. I’ve seen you need a guide, and your membership card with you while prospecting. So how can I gain a membership card Any help is appreciated. Thank you
6 2879
by  Benjamin BelfiglioJump to last post
07 Dec 2022 03:25 AM
3 Replies and 1622 Views GPS Coordinates  1622  3 Started by Rather than beat a rotten dead horse, does anyone have corner GPS coordinates for the Dickinson claims )2-6) in Yavapi county AZ. Much appreciated.
3 1622
by  Benjamin BelfiglioJump to last post
07 Dec 2022 03:18 AM
8 Replies and 5836 Views online mining guide  5836  8 Started by last week i joined GPAA . i live in Tucson Az. i was trying to find the online mining guide to find a GPAA claim to try out some panning. i can find the ingress point and the center point, but was looking for the corner points. i have gone to the community tab and all i see is, about GPAA chapters, and prospecting shop directory. thanks in advance for your help. thanks Reece
8 5836
by  Jeffrey GrayJump to last post
06 Dec 2022 12:32 PM
3 Replies and 2024 Views Desert Forx  2024  3 Started by Not sure all the videos are true about removing fine gold with Desert Fox. Appears to me wash of money.
3 2024
by  Jeffrey ReevesJump to last post
02 Dec 2022 07:37 AM
4 Replies and 2091 Views Dry washer  2091  4 Started by I’m looking into getting a Keene 140 dry washer but I am not sure what kind of blower to get as far as wind speed, cfm etc…I know almost nothing about dry washing so I’m looking for tips on what to get and tricks to make our prospecting more productive. Thank you in advance
4 2091
by  Brad HattJump to last post
25 Nov 2022 06:49 PM
7 Replies and 2429 Views Plumas County GPAA  2429  7 Started by Hello, Has anyone been to Grizzly Gold or Nugget Trap 2 yet in 2022 Thinking about going up soon. Any snow or road closer. Any other recommendations for that area. Thanks
7 2429
by  JIM BROTHERSJump to last post
07 Nov 2022 09:30 AM
0 Replies and 1379 Views Blue Bowl  1379  0 Started by Not please with Blue Bowl. Seen numerous videos' and tried everything. Bowl failed to recover the fine gold. I have 30 pound of play dirt still in a bucket.
0 1379
02 Nov 2022 04:47 PM
1 Replies and 2119 Views Understanding the equipment usage  2119  1 Started by I recently found a gold duster (highbanker ) at a yard sale for $25 and a wheel for $10 all complete and working. the question i have is the gold duster used for the RAW DIRT that traps the gold and heaver stuff in the ripples/carpet once the ripples/carpet is washed then would the wheel be used for pulling the gold out of the PAY DIRT and what about the finer gold would there be another process after the wheel I guess im just trying to find the order and if there additional equipmen...
1 2119
by  Ben ReynoldsJump to last post
27 Oct 2022 03:23 PM
22 Replies and 5911 Views Open Carry In Plumas County  5911  22 Started by
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Does anyone by chance know if it is legal to open carry in Plumas County California Personal protection from mountain lions, bears and two legged animals in the remote mountainous areas of claims would be nice.
22 5911
by  JIM BROTHERSJump to last post
20 Oct 2022 09:10 AM
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