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1 Replies and 39 Views Greenhorn any hints on llano txt  39  1 Started by Hey guys newbie here looking for any help on reading the river here in llano tx. I am new to gold prospecting and I know it’s very fine gold down here. But from what I’ve learned about gold over the past year I just can’t figure this place out lol. Any tips or trick y’all have would be greatly appreciated
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by  Michael FotakisJump to last post
13 Jul 2020 04:43 PM
21 Replies and 1177 Views Open Carry In Plumas County  1177  21 Started by Does anyone by chance know if it is legal to open carry in Plumas County California Personal protection from mountain lions, bears and two legged animals in the remote mountainous areas of claims would be nice.
21 1177
by  Rick ThomasonJump to last post
10 Jul 2020 11:26 AM
16 Replies and 1837 Views Same Claim 2 Owners 2 Names?  1837  16 Started by I was researching the Nancy's Gold claim today and I found something funny, the exact same 30 acre location is also 1/2 of a 60 acre claim called Holy Moly, both claims are listed as valid surface Placer claims with different owners. How is this possible The most easy way to see it is on The Diggings site.  Click the map link to open a larger map with clear claim lines. Or am I missing something Here's 'Nancy's Gold' Here's 'Holy Moly' on t...
16 1837
by  Kurt SchultzJump to last post
09 Jul 2020 08:10 PM
3 Replies and 159 Views New Mexico  159  3 Started by Headed to Greyback Group in New Mexico next week, any advice or recommendations for the area would be greatly appreciated. Traveling from Mobile AL and staying at Hillsboro RV park for a few days. Thanks
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by  William HallJump to last post
08 Jul 2020 06:46 PM
0 Replies and 118 Views LDMA Membership for sale/transfer  118  0 Started by We have a LDMA membership for sale/transfer $3000 that includes loads of equipment. 7 dry washers- two air with gas motors, 3 are electric puffers, 1 is a back pack, and 1 is hand operated. Also included sluice box, suction tube, pans, stainless steel spiral concentrator, two metal detectors, One gold and 1 Beach, 5 gal water and gas jugs, lots of support equipment, and camping equipment. Some of the camping equipment includes 4 folding cots, propane heater, propane lanterns, folding chairs, g...
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07 Jul 2020 01:54 PM
13 Replies and 10448 Views NEED MORE CLAIMS IN NC AND NOT PAY TO DIG SPOTS  10448  13 Started by Well just going thought the mining guide and seen there  are no claims in north Carolina other than pay to dig spots for the gpaa . We need as many spots as California you know  GOLD  was first found in them hills now there is no hills to dig in please set us up with more claims not all the pay to dig places  and if any members know any good places to look please drop a few lines cause we all know  GOLD is where you find it . GO GPAA!!!
13 10448
by  Gary WhitedJump to last post
06 Jul 2020 11:04 PM
3 Replies and 178 Views Arizona New Mexico Colorado Claims?  178  3 Started by I'm going to take a camping trip soon in the hopes of finding some gold while capturing the monsoon storms. Do we have anything good in New Mexico What about Colorado Maybe Arizona for meteorite detecting. I'm a new GPAA member and would love to meet some of you guys. I have a super sluice and two detectors so I'm geared well for this. I just need to find the best claims to visit. I'd love to find more than just river gold maybe even a small nugget. I have lots of river gold but its all fine a...
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by  Joe MeyerJump to last post
06 Jul 2020 06:03 PM
2 Replies and 275 Views Membership  275  2 Started by Hi. So my question is about membership. I have a membership in my name and I understand that it covers my spouse and kids but do I have to be present for my husband to use my membership He is planning on a trip in couple weeks which I can not attend, does he need his own membership in this case Thanks in advance
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by  Michael BurkettJump to last post
04 Jul 2020 03:54 PM
18 Replies and 645 Views What prospecting tools does a newbie need starting out?  645  18 Started by My buddy and I are newer to trying to prospect on a more dedicated extent then just random panning. We will mostly be in western NE, Colorado, and So. Dakota. Occasional trips to SW Utah and the Arizona trip to see family. So my question is what tools in specific prospecting dedicated tools are a must have So far we have buckets, pry bar, shovels a few pans and a classifier set along with some snuffer bottles. Looking at either an SE 50in foldable sluice ( Royal knockoff ) ...
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by  Michael edgarJump to last post
02 Jul 2020 10:40 AM
3 Replies and 211 Views Colechy  211  3 Started by High in the Mountains of Colorado, I found a creek that has a 6 foot high bank on one side it consists of 6 inch round rocks and a black very hard material possibly volcanic ash It will crumble if hit with a pick but is very tough, there is maybe 12 to 24 inches of sandy clay on top. I tried to pan the sandy clay layer and have found no gold or black sand just blond sand in pan. There has been much mining just above here, could this be spent coal from the steam engines they used to operate th...
3 211
by  Bobbie SepulvedaJump to last post
30 Jun 2020 04:17 PM
2 Replies and 224 Views incorrect coordinates and little data  224  2 Started by comparing coordinates in 50th anniversary edition and GPAA web site (blue moon, smith placer claims) coordinates are close but not exact. The 2014 edition gives townships ranges and sections were the 50th edition and the web site only gives latitude and longitude and no information on driving directions. Also how do you know if a claim is still active with the GPAA and has not been taken back or has became a close claim.
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by  Christopher CaszattJump to last post
29 Jun 2020 10:04 AM
1 Replies and 178 Views PL Paso TX  178  1 Started by Just moved to EL Paso and am looking for someone interested in day trips to NM claims. Grayback etc.
1 178
by  Gary WhitedJump to last post
26 Jun 2020 03:34 PM
1 Replies and 164 Views New N' Blue Too  164  1 Started by Hi all, I'm relatively new to prospecting, bought some pans and a folding sluice, took my first trip a couple months ago to the Arkansas River downstream a bit from Point Barr in Colorado and managed to find some gold dust using a 14' and 10' pan (didn't have sluice yet). I think I found so little and such small gold because I was going through very little material *very* slowly and was not digging very deep, but was happy to find some on my first trip and was nice to visit mountains again. N...
1 164
by  David GoddardJump to last post
25 Jun 2020 10:45 AM
14 Replies and 731 Views Brand New and Getting Blue  731  14 Started by Hi there, I am 100 new to the whole world of prospecting. I am in Easley, SC and have been bouncing around location to location looking for the goods. In the two or three weeks that I have been doing this, I have completed enough research to make me feel like I was seeking a degree in geology. Anyway, I found a promising location (at least from my research of the past and current), but I am having the hardest time with my method of panning. Here is what I am dealing with: lots of black sand and...
14 731
by  Michael HolstJump to last post
23 Jun 2020 05:45 PM
2 Replies and 209 Views Pick and Shovel? Online Mags? Website Issues?  209  2 Started by Signed up, paid for GPAA membership and hit the website to learn. I can access some of the Gold Prospectors Magazines, some issues it tells me my login in is incorrect. Are those special Top Secret issues I can't access any of the Pick and Shovel that I've tried - none of them accept my password. Is that an additional subscription fee, do I need a secret handshake I click on a link (while logged in) that tells me to report issues or bugs and I get this: You do not have access to vie...
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by  Greg MillerJump to last post
22 Jun 2020 07:22 PM
34 Replies and 13293 Views Online mining guide  13293  34 Started by
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When is the online guide available to use And how and where does one get access to it
34 13293
by  Joe MeyerJump to last post
21 Jun 2020 09:30 PM
2 Replies and 212 Views Silicone Mat for Blue Bowl  212  2 Started by Hi, I saw a video on YouTube by Alan Robertson about how gold seems to stick to a silicone mat. He made one and put it into a Blue Bowl and it seemed to work well. I believe he was using gold from Flower Gold Wizard. Has anybody tried this, and does it work If it does work, can one buy these mats (I am not handy at making things.) I'm interested in beach gold. Cedric McKeever
2 212
by  Cedric McKeeverJump to last post
19 Jun 2020 07:11 PM
10 Replies and 508 Views Buying a gold producing property  508  10 Started by I have been reading about leasing or actually buying a piece of property for a private claim/camping area to keep things simple. Has anyone done this, is it a scam-sounds interesting ! There are realtors in AZ and other states that sound legit
10 508
by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
19 Jun 2020 01:16 PM
7 Replies and 463 Views online mining guide  463  7 Started by last week i joined GPAA . i live in Tucson Az. i was trying to find the online mining guide to find a GPAA claim to try out some panning. i can find the ingress point and the center point, but was looking for the corner points. i have gone to the community tab and all i see is, about GPAA chapters, and prospecting shop directory. thanks in advance for your help. thanks Reece
7 463
by  Joe MeyerJump to last post
17 Jun 2020 03:49 PM
5 Replies and 437 Views GPAA membership and Lost Dutchmans membership  437  5 Started by Hello All I joined GPAA prior to the plague, so therefore I have yet to venture out. But I'm getting ready. But I keep reading about the LMDA and its 'camps', locations, etc. I have left messages with the membership folks what's the difference(other than the price) but I guess they are locked down- 1) Can GPAA members use the LDMA camps 2) What do LDMA members get that GPAA don't 3) Does LDMA have different claims from the GPAA I could swing the Lost Dutch fees, but I have been unabl...
5 437
by  Rick ThomasonJump to last post
16 Jun 2020 08:19 AM
17 Replies and 12486 Views El Paso area  12486  17 Started by  cowboybrj81 I am just wondering if the El Paso chapter is active  I have attempted to contact the leaders and have had no response.  Just looking for some people to go poke around. 
17 12486
by  Howard FinchJump to last post
13 Jun 2020 07:19 PM
2 Replies and 305 Views what club is a good one to join outside of GPAA  305  2 Started by i live in Ontario, i frequent Coolgardie claims, Holcomb Valley claims and Victorville. can anyone tell me what clubs have good claims in Coolgardie, Holcomb, Victorville or Randsburg area i love the desert and any streams to sluice in. i have all the gear anyone can need and i am pretty good at it all. is there any club claims closer to me that anyone knows of any recommendations would be helpful as i am thinking of joining some other clubs for some now prospecting friends and l...
2 305
by  DON GREENOJump to last post
09 Jun 2020 12:34 PM
1 Replies and 146 Views HOW TO REGISTER?  146  1 Started by HOW DO WE REGISTER SO WE CAN COMMENT
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by  Jeffrey GrayJump to last post
08 Jun 2020 07:46 AM
191 Replies and 154662 Views What is the best place to buy pay dirt from  154662  191 Started by  cowboybrj81
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I was wondering if anyone has a preferred place to buy pay dirt to pan with where you will find good color.  I ask because my 5 year old daughter has become bitten by the gold bug and I want to help 'cultivate' her understanding of the trade.  I my self am green at it all but have a couple trips planned with family and friends to go on a couple GPAA claims.  I want the pay dirt to make sure my daughter finds something.  Just looking for any suggestions.  Yes I know this ...
191 154662
by  Jennifer BraleyJump to last post
01 Jun 2020 11:11 PM
4 Replies and 1120 Views Information on Triple D and M claim  1120  4 Started by Hello, I was wondering if anybody from the staff has any information on the Triple D and M claim in Ventura County, CA on Piru Creek. It is the closest claim to my house and there is no information under the directions or prospecting tabs in the claim directory. I haven't received my member package in the mail yet but was hoping to read something on the claim in the meantime.
4 1120
by  Robert MurataJump to last post
29 May 2020 10:54 AM
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