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2 Replies and 166 Views Helena, Montana Area  166  2 Started by Trying to learn the rules of the area. Would like to team up with someone for a little knowledge, but also to put my wife’s mind a ease from going out alone ( limited phone coverage a times). I’ve got detectors, sluice and the will to learn, get dirty and wet when necessary. Most of all have some fun and get a little GOLD. Not looking to get rich just put some color in a pan. Would like to learn to trust my detector for gold also.
2 166
by  Jim CarliJump to last post
01 Dec 2021 05:43 PM
196 Replies and 182919 Views What is the best place to buy pay dirt from  182919  196 Started by  cowboybrj81
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I was wondering if anyone has a preferred place to buy pay dirt to pan with where you will find good color.  I ask because my 5 year old daughter has become bitten by the gold bug and I want to help 'cultivate' her understanding of the trade.  I my self am green at it all but have a couple trips planned with family and friends to go on a couple GPAA claims.  I want the pay dirt to make sure my daughter finds something.  Just looking for any suggestions.  Yes I know this ...
196 182919
by  David FeltJump to last post
01 Dec 2021 12:27 PM
2 Replies and 1016 Views Planning a trip to Golden Eagle Claim  1016  2 Started by New to GPAA and hoping for some advice on entering a GPAA claim
2 1016
by  Michael WoodsJump to last post
29 Nov 2021 04:01 PM
1 Replies and 359 Views Anyone from boise  359  1 Started by I'm new to prospecting, I wanna do a lil dredging in boise. Any recommendations
1 359
by  Michael WoodsJump to last post
29 Nov 2021 03:47 PM
5 Replies and 521 Views Dry washing near Randsburg  521  5 Started by Hello all new guy here was considering dry washing near Ransburg California. Tried using the BLM MRLS maps to ensure I don’t go on someone’s claim.. for me it has not been user-friendly and was wondering if someone knows of a place or how to use the MLRS system. Every time I touch the map and move it it jumps to another location/state. If someone’s considering going out this weekend let me know if you would like an extra shoveler.
5 521
by  Richard AlmoJump to last post
29 Nov 2021 12:36 AM
3 Replies and 196 Views Membership Card - possession requirement?  196  3 Started by Was surfing through the forum and passed by this statement in one of the post: “make sure you have your card in possession.” The problem: I’m in Arizona but from Texas. I recently joined, in Arizona, and my mailbox is in Corpus Christi. I’m two days away from checking out my first GPAA claim. I just assumed that the official membership confirmation info that I received from GPAA on my phone was all I needed to have handy. In my opinion that is as good if not better than a “card”. Am I right or ...
3 196
by  Arthur PettyJump to last post
23 Nov 2021 05:44 AM
4 Replies and 211 Views Claims closed in error  211  4 Started by If you are holding any claims, get on MLRS and check the status. Two of my claims that happen to be listed in the guide have been listed as closed for non payment off maintenance fees. The small miner waiver was sent in July and recieved (certified return receipt). From what I can find out, some waivers were incorrectly entered in the system, and then MLRS automatically listed as closed. BLM says they caught most of them, but some have apparently slipped through. The issue is goi...
4 211
by  BRIAN WILLIAMSJump to last post
22 Nov 2021 11:23 PM
2 Replies and 336 Views Interested in suggestions of where to go.  336  2 Started by Being elderly and disabled my wife and I would like to go now the weather has cooled down. I live in New Mexico and anything within a tank of gas is game for us. Have a few pans for panning but would like to just metal detect also. My Nox800 and F75 is most likely not up to the task. Would like mine tailings and such. We have five small dogs we would like to bring as we dont want to kennel them. If there was a hotel of cabin that would work as I do not want to subject my wife to any more inc...
2 336
by  BRIAN WILLIAMSJump to last post
17 Nov 2021 09:38 PM
15 Replies and 1256 Views Friends of Placer Pete  1256  15 Started by Hi All From March 17th to March 21st we will be having a outing out at the claim. Come on out and enjoy the fun as we dry wash and metal detect for Placer Pete Gold! Spend a day or more with us. We will also be working with a small group of greenhorns on Friday and Saturday in dedicated classes to learn how to read the claim to dry washing / metal detecting through clean out and weighing your gold! Contact us for details on the classes. There are only 4 spaces left in these dedicated classes. ...
15 1256
by  Steve ScukanecJump to last post
09 Nov 2021 03:34 PM
0 Replies and 232 Views Seeking experience  232  0 Started by Hey guys! I'm curious if there is anybody else from rock springs, green river WY or close enough to go out with. I'm 100 new to this but super excited to learn. You can only watch so many videos and read so many books before it's time to just go do it. I would love to find somebody that would let me tag along with them to show me the ropes and throw some experience my way.
0 232
04 Nov 2021 10:22 AM
0 Replies and 411 Views Coker Creek  411  0 Started by Living in New Orleans the closest places for me to prospect are AL, GA., TN., I did some panning in NC. earlier this year and found a little. Was going back in Dec. and while looking online many articles referenced a GPAA claim on Coker Creek in TN. The articles were written in 2019 and the claim is not listed in the 21 Mining Guide so I am assuming that the GPAA no longer has the claim. I was wondering why and if it is not in private hands might I get the coordinates so I could check out the l...
0 411
16 Oct 2021 10:19 AM
1 Replies and 369 Views Coordinates  369  1 Started by How can you find the corner post coordinates to a claim instead of just the ingress and center
1 369
by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
06 Oct 2021 02:27 PM
2 Replies and 462 Views Mini gold trommel  462  2 Started by I was wondering what websites I can go too to find a mini portable trommel I've seen the gold cube set up with the trommel attachment but I've seen a lot of videos with mini trommel that are portable with wheels. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated thank you!
2 462
by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
05 Oct 2021 01:56 PM
7 Replies and 1088 Views Colorado requirements to use claims  1088  7 Started by I new to this I would like to have my ducks in a row before I head out. I will most likely be vising southern Colorado claims. Do I need a habit stamp from game and fish. How much notice will the blm require and what do I need to give them
7 1088
by  David HolleyJump to last post
01 Oct 2021 08:37 PM
1 Replies and 340 Views Goldbug 2  340  1 Started by Two Goldbug2’s For Sale $600.00 I’ll pay for shipping. I’m wanting to sale my two Goldbug2 metal detectors, the both have the 10” and 6.5” coils, and I’ve found gold with both of them. Being it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to head to AZ or southern CA anytime soon I’ve decided to start metal detecting parks and schools again and plan on getting a Minelab Equinox 600 or 800. I’m a big fan of the Goldbug2 and would like to sell them together so who ever ends up with them would have a backup when...
1 340
by  GEROLD PERSONETTJump to last post
21 Sep 2021 01:29 PM
1 Replies and 478 Views Washington State  478  1 Started by Hi all! New member/new prospector here from Skagit County in Washington. Safe to say that I'm a pretty terrible prospector thus far. I've found a tiny bit of gold, but I've still got a long way to go. Anyone here from Skagit County I'd be interested in meeting up with someone experienced who I could talk to. Lunch is on me! Happy to meet you all, Micah
1 478
by  David GoddardJump to last post
20 Sep 2021 09:24 PM
0 Replies and 267 Views Chaffe  267  0 Started by Have yet to make use of my membership. I thought I was going to be able to get by with a monthly subscription. I now know better. I'm planning on making use of my membership the last week of September in Chaffee Colorado. Would like to meet a few members get a few pointers on how to make best use of my membership. Clean-up's done (for me) its time to get out of New Orleans.
0 267
18 Sep 2021 03:17 PM
3 Replies and 649 Views Rough Starts  649  3 Started by My 2nd year as a GPAA member, Still having issues with joining a chapter or group that does metal detecting and prospecting. Any ideas on how to join one that isn't expensive I live in Houston, Tx. Thanks for reading.
3 649
by  Mark TaylorJump to last post
17 Sep 2021 06:32 PM
11 Replies and 1088 Views GPAA Claim Boundary Coordinates  1088  11 Started by I can barely navigate this forum. It clocks and locks up. I have brand new equipment and gigablast speed. Problem not on my end. Where do we get the GPS coordinates so we can map the boundaries, of the claims This website only provides center. Saw a You Tube vid last night talking about a guide. Is that being mailed to us Sent 2 e-mails to people on the contacts page and got no response. Please help.... Thanks....
11 1088
by  Christopher SatkowskiJump to last post
17 Sep 2021 11:44 AM
10 Replies and 782 Views No Properties in Virginia  782  10 Started by I just joined and was shocked that there are no properties in Virginia to explore. Where I live near Goldvein Virginia there are a lot of old gold mines in the area. I expected there would be some sites within the state. I also would like to find a person to go out with. If you live in Virginia and need a prospecting buddy contact me. I have found few areas that are public land near old gold mines, I used a metal detector around one today but the metal trash was impossible to work around. I wil...
10 782
by  Josh ShaverJump to last post
09 Sep 2021 02:05 PM
5 Replies and 607 Views Is this Real?  607  5 Started by This online site shows prospecting somewhere in the Indonesia area. The finds look outlandish, I am trying to decide if they are real. Does someone with a knowledge of geology have an idea if this is real or fake Thanks, Ron
5 607
by  GEROLD PERSONETTJump to last post
08 Sep 2021 06:29 PM
0 Replies and 375 Views Tonapah NV. Any recommendations or members in area to advise us  375  0 Started by Today Heading to Tonapah NV. Any recommendations or members in area to advise us
0 375
04 Sep 2021 11:56 AM
0 Replies and 279 Views Tonapah NV. Any recommendations or members in area to advise us  279  0 Started by Today Heading to Tonapah NV. Any recommendations or members in area to advise us
0 279
04 Sep 2021 11:56 AM
11 Replies and 1758 Views Greenhorn any hints on llano txt  1758  11 Started by Hey guys newbie here looking for any help on reading the river here in llano tx. I am new to gold prospecting and I know it’s very fine gold down here. But from what I’ve learned about gold over the past year I just can’t figure this place out lol. Any tips or trick y’all have would be greatly appreciated
11 1758
by  SHANE MASONJump to last post
31 Aug 2021 11:18 PM
4 Replies and 643 Views SD & WY  643  4 Started by I caught the fever. I now have a detector, a sluice, a pan and the urge to go. My first trip as a GPAA member will be to SD ,& WY. If there's anybody that reads this from the local area. I'd like to know which claims have running water in them and which one would be the best for a newbie to start out at.
4 643
by  SCOTT REAUMEJump to last post
31 Aug 2021 11:02 PM
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