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48 Replies and 60327 Views New Items    60327  48 Started by  paullouly
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Feel free to add any of your essential tool(s) list that you think we should carry in the store. We are looking to beef up our inventory and get everyone more of the tools and products they need to bring home the gold!
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by  Dustin LeDouxJump to last post
29 Jun 2021 01:15 PM
34 Replies and 38759 Views Crushing Quartz  38759  34 Started by
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Saw an interesting Youtube video a bit ago. Guy took a lemon sized smooth quartz stone from a gold bearing river and crushed It using a steel mallet and t-shirt. As he broke it up, he checked for gold veins and found none, but panned out the crushed rock and found what appeared to be nearly 0.5 grams of nice gold flakes. Anyone else ever tried that with good results
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by  Douglas MewisJump to last post
04 Jan 2022 04:52 PM
108 Replies and 99057 Views CRAPY CLAMES NO GOLD BUT ALLWAS GET THE BILL  99057  108 Started by
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by  Lincoln RitterhouseJump to last post
04 Jan 2022 02:26 AM
10 Replies and 27963 Views Prospecting Places in Georgia  27963  10 Started by  RANDALL BONDS I am looking for places in North Georgia where you can find more than just a few flakes or flour gold. Does anyone know any places where I can find good gold and is free to prospectors like me Thank you so much! - Randall
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by  Mark WoodsJump to last post
28 Dec 2021 06:38 AM
3 Replies and 1159 Views Fine stream gold extraction  1159  3 Started by I found a decent amount of fine gold caught up in sand in a stream. I just got a blue bowl but cannot get the gold to settle properly. It keeps going over the edge of the center hole. My partner made a jig out of pvc but still needs work on getting it to work good. What is the best way to refine the fine gold out of the river sand Help is appreciated....thank you much. Michael
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by  Melvin BrownJump to last post
28 Nov 2021 08:14 PM
4 Replies and 734 Views Need a Hand  734  4 Started by Someone stole my cargo trailer full of my mining and camping equipment out of my back yard. 2- 2' Harbor freight water pumps, 1- 1' Honda water pump, 4 stack Gold Cube, 1- Gold Buddy Highbanker Dredge combo, 1- Gold Magic Spiral wheel, Hoses and tons of other stuff. A home built trommel that's one of a kind. If you see some of this stuff come up on line in Oregon or Washington area please let me know. I got some holes that need back filled and I'd like to find person that stole my stuff.
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by  Susan BirrellJump to last post
27 Oct 2021 11:52 PM
0 Replies and 517 Views Talking to Gold  517  0 Started by Even in Australia...
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24 Aug 2021 11:09 PM
4 Replies and 2406 Views The gold was Supposed to be there according to the indicators.  2406  4 Started by I just got back. A spot too far downstream from a gold source can have virtually all of the nice indicator rocks and amazing looking gravel bars and still not have an appreciable amount of gold because gold is 5 times heavier than anything else in the river except platinum. So there will be a bottom edge of nice prospects that fail to pan out If you have found wonderful indicators but little or no gold it would be well to work further and further upstream. Unless you reach a point where the i...
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by  Dustin LeDouxJump to last post
29 Jun 2021 01:07 PM
7 Replies and 3891 Views Gold cube water recirculating set up  3891  7 Started by Looking for some ideas/ other peoples set up for the cube just got one this summer
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by  DON GREENOJump to last post
22 Jun 2021 07:21 PM
0 Replies and 401 Views LDGM  401  0 Started by Knife is at lost ductchman park
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17 Jun 2021 01:11 PM
1 Replies and 1014 Views No Tips - No Tricks - Just a question  1014  1 Started by hmmm... Gold has existed for millions of years. Waters where gold is found today, is almost never where it was millions of years ago. So, wouldn't it be reasonable to believe that most gold is not in most current waters That it exists where you'd likely never think to look Does that mean we have to think like a gold nugget (rock) :-)
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by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
29 Apr 2021 04:05 PM
3 Replies and 1051 Views wet you pay dirt before sluicing  1051  3 Started by As funny as it sounds, Gold dose float, so always wet your pay dirt before putting it in the sluice, otherwise your gold could float away and into the next persons sluice. I've learned a lot in a year! Newbie, Sergio
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by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
28 Apr 2021 02:38 PM
16 Replies and 2773 Views GMT  2773  16 Started by I recently purchased a Whites GMT. It came with the 6'x9' Double D coil and a 8'x14' Sierra Gold Max coil. I took it out to the gpaa claims in the Morristown area. Towards the end of my testing and it was getting hot. I put the big coil on. I got up on this hill overlooking a wash and started detecting. I got this positive zip zip sound. I scraped the loose gravel with my boot and still got a good signal. I scraped down another 2-2 1/2' and found a .04 gram flake of lead. I wish now I had starte...
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by  ROBERT MARTINEZJump to last post
26 Apr 2021 02:58 PM
1 Replies and 1144 Views sluice with Miller table deep well & rubber V mat  1144  1 Started by Hello all, i thought I would share this with all, I'm not pro at getting the fine gold, but I made a sluice frame that doubles as a miller table and also made a sluice with acrylic that goes on top of the miller table frame, so i made this acrylic sluice as a miller table on top with a deep well about 1/3 & the rest i put a shallow V rubber mat that slides in & out under the miller table part for easy clean out, and as you know the miller table is a great way to seperate the gold from the black...
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by  Sergio RamirezJump to last post
17 Mar 2021 02:14 AM
2 Replies and 957 Views Docs Detecting  957  2 Started by I read an interesting article on equipment and tools by Kevin Hoagland in GP Mag. He mentions Doc's Detecting as a source to order Bates boots and some other items. I tried the phone number on their website and just get an automated message that does not sound like a business. Does anyone do business with Docs and can you advise how I can contact them for an order Thank you.
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by  Jim WoodJump to last post
10 Mar 2021 08:39 AM
0 Replies and 468 Views Looking for ANY input on a small hopper.  468  0 Started by Fellow Prospectors: Kind of an odd scenario going on, without going into to much detail, limiting my ability to hold and feed buckets of material into the Raptor. To keep my AU chasing dreams alive, I’m needing to come up with a clever solution. Does anyone know of a hopper set up, which I might mount over the Raptor which could feed into the destruction chamber, or something similar I usually bring material home and put it through the Raptor in my yard, so it doesn’t re...
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03 Mar 2021 03:34 PM
8 Replies and 3850 Views Blue Bowl: Thoughts if their worth the time & money?  3850  8 Started by Hi, I have a magic spiral pan but it takes up room when packing on an atv for the weekend. Looking for comments on if the 'Blue Bowl' is a tool that would work well in the back country. Look forward to your thoughts and comments. Jeremiah
8 3850
by  Melvin BrownJump to last post
23 Jan 2021 10:47 AM
2 Replies and 1994 Views Dry Washing Thompson Dry Washer  1994  2 Started by i Have been using the 12 v model for the last 4 years...lemme know if u need tips for modifying and using this dry rocks...plain n simple!
2 1994
by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
16 Dec 2020 11:21 AM
8 Replies and 10623 Views LDMA MEMBER SELLING MEMBERSHIP - GREAT DEAL  10623  8 Started by Hello to all you would be LDMA Members.  I have owned my membership for many years and I have a totally transferable membership that I would like to sell at this point in my old age.  I have contacted GPAA as to how to go about this.  First I start by posting the offer.  You are lucky!  My old membership contract says that I can sell and transfer my membership for $50.  See, I told you it was an old one.  Current transfer pricing is $150 or more depending on th...
8 10623
by  Galen NelsonJump to last post
28 Nov 2020 02:24 PM
0 Replies and 775 Views Lucky Linda Again Coordinates Wanted  775  0 Started by Does anyone have the corner coordinates for the Lucky Linda Again Claim
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15 Nov 2020 07:18 PM
2 Replies and 1249 Views gold hog piglet flare  1249  2 Started by I bought the piglet flare a while back. No matter how i set it up i lose alot of dirt and water out of header box. Any suggestions on how to keep the dirt in the box. Ive tried all kind of angles and even turn water down to almost nothing. we usually shovel feed at a slow rate but no sooner than start dumping dirt starts coming off the back. It gets real bad if just dump a shovel and let it work down. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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by  Randy SmithJump to last post
14 Nov 2020 08:44 AM
20 Replies and 3092 Views Moving From Casual Mining to Small Mining  3092  20 Started by Hello fellow prospectors. I am starting this topic in hopes of soliciting help with our claim transitioning from casual minor to small scale mining. My partner and I own the Placer Pete claim in San Bernardino California, located on BLM property. In order for us to transition to a small-scale mining operation, we need to work through the BLM process of getting an approved plan of operation. Our particular difficulty focuses on the area of the need to conduct an environmental assessment. BLM ...
20 3092
by  Steve ScukanecJump to last post
25 Oct 2020 10:57 PM
1 Replies and 1011 Views gold hog piglet flare  1011  1 Started by I bought the piglet flare a while back. No matter how i set it up i lose alot of dirt and water out of header box. Any suggestions on how to keep the dirt in the box. Ive tried all kind of angles and even turn water down to almost nothing. we usually shovel feed at a slow rate but no sooner than start dumping dirt starts coming off the back. It gets real bad if just dump a shovel and let it work down. Any ideas would be appreciated.
1 1011
by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
12 Oct 2020 01:25 PM
6 Replies and 2803 Views Newbie Question  2803  6 Started by So to introduce myself, my husband and I just moved to the central valley from the southern coast of California. In our search for things to do we've started gold panning and recently sluicing. Have talked to the guys in Jamestown and have gone out on fee based trips, watched lots of youtube, to get the hang of things and seem to be doing ok at it.... so thought we'd join this and see what else we can learn. We have kids and were looking into purchasing land to 'relax' on and not necessaril...
6 2803
by  Kevin RobinsonJump to last post
16 Aug 2020 10:24 AM
2 Replies and 28758 Views Gold Prospecting  28758  2 Started by I am new to this forum but I have been reading a lot of what people have been posting. I have learnt a lot. I own a small company and we managed to acquire 2400 acres of land. Long story short, we have been finding rocks and geological deposits that point to the presence of gold and other mineral deposits in the land. I have collected samples and taken pictures of rocks, soil, land scape and I am hoping someone could look at them and help point me in the right direction.
2 28758
by  Joe MulubishaJump to last post
02 Aug 2020 05:17 PM
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