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Last Post 24 Aug 2021 08:26 PM by  JOHAN LOOTS
Fine stream gold extraction
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Michael Miranda

17 Jul 2021 09:46 AM
    I found a decent amount of fine gold caught up in sand in a stream. I just got a blue bowl but cannot get the gold to settle properly. It keeps going over the edge of the center hole. My partner made a jig out of pvc but still needs work on getting it to work good. What is the best way to refine the fine gold out of the river sand? Help is appreciated....thank you much. Michael

    18 Jul 2021 07:14 PM
    See the fine gold thread in the Ask Kevin page.

    IMO, a blue bowl will blow powder gold right on out.

    Classify clear down to 100 mesh, and pan. The closer in size the material is in the pan, the easier it is to recover.

    Miller table is probably the best bet for the weekend prospector.

    24 Aug 2021 08:26 PM
    HI, I have just rejoined. Yes the miller table is a good idea to collect powder gold. But did you know that gold is Hydrophobic . so there are secrets that are not on the books I collect powder quite easy . please let me know the general area where you get this material I am in Palm Springs area maybe we can be of mutual benefit .
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