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11 Replies and 14666 Views Sensitivity or Gain on your detector  14666  11 Started by  Nugget Shooter   Hi All, Nugget Shooter's tip for today involves setting up your detector's Gain or Sensitivity.... First to those familiar with CB Radios TX Gain is more power out and RX Gain is receive, so this said all metal detectors currently used for the most part are VLF or PI and even ZVT, but all are ruled by their RF function in that if not set properly you will miss targets. So how do you set it up     Quick and simple with PI air tune to eliminate EMI and ground balance in...
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by  ROBERT MARTINEZJump to last post
12 Nov 2017 01:45 PM
2 Replies and 12073 Views High banker build just became a longtom  12073  2 Started by Was losing gold so added 5 more feet of gold hog Matt's that should catch the all the fine gold
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by  joseph LoydJump to last post
10 Oct 2017 04:13 PM
1 Replies and 24055 Views san faranda miners page  24055  1 Started by looking for veterans handicapped like me we can help are selves
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by  WILLIAM HALLJump to last post
21 Aug 2017 05:07 PM
10 Replies and 33067 Views Mining Guide ?  33067  10 Started by Why doesn't the on line mining guide have a map of the area showing the location The old guide did. The map showed the topography of the area which was very useful.
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by  WALTER EASONJump to last post
10 Aug 2017 06:16 PM
14 Replies and 10843 Views Alluvial Fan tips...?  10843  14 Started by It seems like the majority of available claims are of the alluvial fan types.  Does anybody have any prospecting tips for these particular areas  It is not like there are geological markers that are easier to follow. I am getting tired of prospecting and finding nothing but sand and sweat in these areas.  I am just curious if anybody out here has any tips that might help me be a little better with my prospecting.  I am not afraid of doing the labor involved to get that gold...
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by  Larry SugdenJump to last post
09 Apr 2017 09:35 AM
12 Replies and 13600 Views Static in vial  13600  12 Started by I have a little flour gold in a plastic vial and static causes it to stick to the sides. Any way to get rid of the static other than using a glass vial
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by  Larry SugdenJump to last post
05 Apr 2017 05:12 PM
1 Replies and 6881 Views Join us LIVE Friday nights on Facebook.  6881  1 Started by  Mike Primer We'll be doing a live Facebook show on Friday nights 8-9pm est.  There are giveaways and gold talk.  Hope to see you there.  Here's the promo video for it.   Doc
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by  Kevin DeWolfJump to last post
01 Apr 2017 08:25 AM
32 Replies and 33088 Views Crushing Quartz  33088  32 Started by
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Saw an interesting Youtube video a bit ago. Guy took a lemon sized smooth quartz stone from a gold bearing river and crushed It using a steel mallet and t-shirt. As he broke it up, he checked for gold veins and found none, but panned out the crushed rock and found what appeared to be nearly 0.5 grams of nice gold flakes. Anyone else ever tried that with good results
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by  Terrance CieszkiJump to last post
31 Mar 2017 02:34 PM
26 Replies and 17272 Views pulse 6X  17272  26 Started by
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 Has anybody ever used the pulse 6X with any success
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by  Terrance CieszkiJump to last post
27 Mar 2017 08:24 PM
2 Replies and 9877 Views DIY Bazooka gold trap stand..  9877  2 Started by In the past I have had issues with setting up the Bazooka in the river. I thought there has to be an easier way. I looked online and figured that I would make a stand myself. I could drive the stakes into the river, adjust the height and angle if needed. The bungee cords hold down the Bazooka and it wont float off. I think I went over board with the wire and drilling the screws and sliding lock pieces. At least I wont lose the parts to the river. I am open to new ideas. You can use my ideas and ...
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by  JON STEINERJump to last post
07 Mar 2017 06:38 PM
2 Replies and 7797 Views New use for Gold for joints, drill bits and armour plating !  7797  2 Started by Can the uses of Gold get any better than making new jewelry trinkets or used as a corrosion resistant plating for circuit boards or as a infrared radiation heat shield on astronaut helmets Rice University has discovered a new alloy made of Gold and Titanium that is 4X stronger than most steel alloys. The researchers say the alloy sample pretty much destroyed a diamond pestle and mortar used to crush the sample for testing in a spectrum analyzer. The addition of Gold to Titanium makes an...
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by  WILLIAM SOUTHERNJump to last post
03 Jan 2017 04:56 PM
4 Replies and 11170 Views awesome wbsite  11170  4 Started by  Motherlodeprospecting here is one of the best websites for land status info and research. Make sure to turn on the overlays until your zoomed in on an area. It slows the map loading other wise. Claim info is updated twice a month. if you are aware of the 'footprints' software this site is owned by the same person. Learn to use the info button and more info is at your fingertips on one site than many others combined.
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by  tom glennJump to last post
01 Dec 2016 10:50 AM
3 Replies and 10149 Views New LDMA General Forum  10149  3 Started by I would like to propose a new general LDMA Members Update Forum that all the LDMA  members and caretakers that can post updates for camp phone, address, rules, events, discuss issues, etc.  Another idea is a menu option for LDMA members to at least be able to view the LDMA camp current information.  I know there are individual forums for each camp, but I think a general LDMA Forum for discussing LDMA properties, events, or issues would be beneficial to all.  
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by  E. JIM/PAM HANEYJump to last post
04 Nov 2016 08:23 AM
1 Replies and 8773 Views What's With That Name ?  8773  1 Started by      Something that is often overlooked is the names on maps and how they can help the prospector to locate likely areas to hunt.  A good example of this is the colorful and strange names the 49ers gave to towns, ravines, creeks, streams, hills, and mountains where they hunted for gold.  Also some of these place names have been renamed several times over the years.      One area that I hunted, I had with me an old 1890s map, a 1950s 15-min. topo map,...
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by  ADAM ANDREWSJump to last post
21 Oct 2016 11:37 AM
21 Replies and 17852 Views Folding Sluice Box Classifier  17852  21 Started by  Stumbletown Miner     Hi everybody,     I made a cheap inexpensive classifier for a folding sluice box. It's made from a $3 IKEA strainer and a Dollar Store strainer with Home Depot plexi-glass, and Epoxy.     The main reason I did this is because the folding sluice box's load up with 1/2' rocks and they stay loaded up. So 1/4' or smaller is best. My classifier is in the water so it rinses all the rocks and materials. The first grate (Grizzly) puts the bigger rocks in t...
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by  ADAM ANDREWSJump to last post
21 Oct 2016 09:09 AM
26 Replies and 27000 Views Gold mining bucket tip  27000  26 Started by  Stumbletown Miner
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 If you've carried a bucket full of Gold mining tools very far, like four miles up a river, then you'll like this bucket tip. A snappy grip & a closet rod bracket bolted onto the bucket to carry the Gold pan & a classifier. And in the bucket are the usual tools...small blue pan, rock hammer, crevice tool, scooper, paint brush, black sand magnet, sucker bottle, pouch with viles & tweezers, etc..     Stumbletown Miner
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by  Benjamin CrainJump to last post
07 Sep 2016 04:31 PM
7 Replies and 14253 Views USFS Roads  14253  7 Started by If you are using USFS roads, go to any office of the National Forest you are in and get a copy of the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM).  These are free, so no excuse to not have them in the rig, and for each Forest you visit.  This will show the road system that is open for motorized travel.   It is up to the user to know where they are and if the route they are on is open for use.  They are not required to post routes as open, as the policy now is 'closed unless posted opn', ...
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by  JON STEINERJump to last post
04 Sep 2016 10:47 PM
5 Replies and 12911 Views T- 80 pump useing a wr brown speedy compresser  12911  5 Started by Can you use a speedy wr brown compresser for under water dredge diving it is a paint compresser  what I have heard it is the same as the t-80 compresser  it is oil less  the breather is on top the t-80 is on the side which makes for cooler air no bearing heat like the t-80 .
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by  GARY SCHWALLJump to last post
01 Sep 2016 07:40 PM
9 Replies and 9999 Views Prospecting equipment?  9999  9 Started by So, I have a pair of Garret pans, (14' and 10') Classifyers at 1/4', 1/8', 1/16' and a screen colander. I had a 1/2' one but I left it back in Texas. Might have to have sis' mail it to me. Also have a good heavy rock hammer/pick, a set of 3 heavy cold chisels, a set of 10 smaller masonry chisels and punches, a gold snuffer bottle, a few plastic pasture pipettes I scored from an essential oil seller (these are really nice for picking up the fine gold out of the pan and transferring it directly in...
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by  myrton woolenJump to last post
12 Aug 2016 02:30 PM
0 Replies and 3815 Views The Big Dig....  3815  0 Started by  Mike Primer Fun day up at GNG in North GA.  Added a few tips at the end as well.
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08 Aug 2016 03:35 AM
1 Replies and 7509 Views Clays and dirty water  7509  1 Started by  BoooYA316 I have notice lots of people asking how do I get my water clear when panning out in my tub..Lots of people use Clay gone, but there are many other products out their your local pool supply store or Home Depot/Lowes. I have worked over a decade in mining industry as a washplant/Tipple operator. these products are environmentally safe to use at home or in a controlled area. I'll try not to sound to nerdy or scientific on the process of what these chemicals do and a lot has to do with PH levels of...
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by  Mary McCartyJump to last post
05 Jul 2016 07:07 AM
3 Replies and 5631 Views Free Learning Days June 3 and 4 at Loud Mine  5631  3 Started by  Mike Primer Anyone can come, just make sure you register and we ask that those coming be able to attend both days.  More info on our facebook page. Thanks
3 5631
by  Brad LambJump to last post
09 Jun 2016 06:27 AM
9 Replies and 11073 Views what claim to visit out west from the mining guide ?????????  11073  9 Started by  24kmining Good afternoon all,    I am looking to take a trip to one of the claims in the mining guide the week of March 20th 2016, ( my first one )! My choices are AZ,CA,or OR. I would prefer  a claim that will be semi warm that time of year. I just want to know if anyone had any info or knows wich claims have really good gold to pan and sluice. A claim that has fairly easy access to and is in a relativly safe area. Im planning a 4 day trip and plan on renting a jeep too. 
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by  JEFF W HIGGERSONJump to last post
26 Apr 2016 06:26 AM
4 Replies and 10272 Views Bubble level  10272  4 Started by Anyone else done this  I haven't seen any others.  Makes the initial setup really quick and easy.  With this sluice and the bubble centered, it shows that I have a 3 inch drop for the 36 inch sluice, then I can adjust from there.
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by  TIM LEIBELJump to last post
23 Apr 2016 11:21 AM
3 Replies and 10575 Views MINE CACHE  10575  3 Started by   Hey just got mine cache which is great I guess kind of new  program for me I like that it gives you gps location on mines and prospects and tells what kind of  mines the are hard rock ,surface , placer, ect.  which is great because I am in nc  and there are like 500 spot but some of the gps spots put me in people front yards and some are like on farm lands ect. I also have gold maps just want to get my shovel in the ground with out getting  matching bra...
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by  LEO LORENZJump to last post
04 Apr 2016 09:21 PM
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