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Last Post 30 Jun 2021 08:31 PM by  John Bidleman
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Aaron Miller

22 Jun 2021 12:17 PM
    I keep getting these advertisments for a lifetime membership to the LDMA. I guess this would incllude a lifetime membership with the GPAA as well.
    I was looking into the LDMA website and it looks like it costs at least $60 per weekend to camp at thier sites? What am i getting with a membership other than access to the the campsites? Are the campesites free for members? The membership itself is several thousand dollars and also has associated renewel fees with it. So if i have an upfront cost of $3k, yearly dues lets say $100, and it costs to camp at every site.. why not just get the $150 per year GPAA membership... I guess what is the draw of LDMA, are campsites free to members? I am asking not to be snarky, but because I am genuinely curious and if the campsites are free to members, then that is a game changer and I might buy a lifetime membership.

    Thanks in advance.

    22 Jun 2021 04:01 PM
    LDMA is a separate part of the overall association. GPAA members only have access to LDMA properties during an advertised "dig" , or a one time 3 day visit to see what they offer. They have prospecting/mining opportunities.

    Maintenance dues are currently $10 a month, and daily camp fees vary with what is available, such as full hookups for RV's. You can stay at most properties for up to six months, a couple are a three month limit. Most properties are patented claims, and as such are private property. LDMA also has claims for their members use that are not available to GPAA members.

    You still have access to all the GPAA claims.

    Hope this helps.
    John Bidleman

    30 Jun 2021 08:31 PM
    I think the benefits are clear and in my case I signed up for one year in GPAA - then I discovered LDMA and mistakenly thought that I had spent money that may have been better spent at LDMA HOWEVER the real deal is that at every turn the Association is happy to work with you, in my case I discovered they will apply some of what you have left in your membership at GPAA to your (new) Membership at LDMA
    To me, in my situation, I couldn't do any better as I believe things may change in the future as far as staking your own claims and the eventuality of associations like this being the absolute best way to enjoy the "Golden Life" without creating a lot of hassle for yourself. Being retired made it easier for me to have the time to prospect and stake but as time goes on LDMA may be the main venue for gold for me.
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