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Junior Prospector Membership
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02 Nov 2023 05:40 PM
    I just received an email from the GPAA on the new JUNIOR PROSPECTOR MEMBERSHIP!

    I just wanted to shout out to all the members that visit this site and say, " Now that is a wonderful idea to add to the future of the GPAA!"

    As I have always said the age group of the GPAA members are mature and seasoned adults like me. I am 54. But as many of us believe, "we are on our way out in life, right?" (chuckling as I am writing this

    Heck, you all know what I

    But all joking aside, getting a younger generation involved in prospecting, rock hounding, Geology, Gold mining etc. can only Strengthen the organization for the future.

    I just wanted give a shout out about this and say "GPAA? EXCELLENT DIRECTION involving a younger generation that is focused on video Games that rot the brain and the computer and internet that keep us from experiencing the greatest pleasures, views, smells, adventures of a lifetime......the Great Out Doors!!! no better teacher than Nature. The most Beautiful Art of God's handy work, the sky, the trees, the running brook/stream..... the smell of blooming flowers in the spring, or the decay of leaves in the fall. Nothing even compares to the beauty and Grander of where the creators hand has touched."

    GPAA Members, if you have a youngster in your family that is glued to a TV or Gaming device - get them a Junior Prospector Membership and see if you can strike their interest in something greater. It will bring you closer as a family if you all take part and what's more important than our families?

    Anyway, I think it is a great move on the GPAA's part and I am asking all to think about this as a gift - go to the GPAA store and look it up or check your email for the email from GPAA telling you all about it.

    Enjoy the Holiday Seasons that are upon us and Give thanks for your blessings to God above.

    wishing you all a Wonderful day

    Don Greeno - your prospecting friend and proud fellow GPAA member
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