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what's your favorite or preferred way to stay within claim boundary's
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James West

11 Oct 2023 01:26 PM
    I was wondering what are the best ways to stay on the claims and not venture off do you guys use a certain GPS'S or a preferred topo map
    Garrett Bliss

    11 Oct 2023 06:23 PM
    I use a GPS to ensure I don't get off of the claim. I use a Garmin GPSMap66st and it works great for me. What I do is upload all of the claim corners and the center of the claim and also download Satellite imagery to my GPS before arriving at the claim. The satellite imagery gives me an idea of what areas are off of the claim and not. At the claim, while I am moving to a new spot I will occasionally glance down at my GPS and see if I am still on the claim, once you find a good spot and it's in the claim boundaries, you don't really have to worry about if you're on the claim or not as long as you're not moving all over the place.

    It's also worth noting that researching the area around the claim can prove useful in determining if there are any other claims nearby and what land is private or BLM land.
    New Member
    New Member

    16 Oct 2023 07:48 PM

    let me tell you how to do it.

    go to the claim guide on line - copy the GPS numbers (copy and paste each one separately) and paste them into Google Maps. when it locates the spot mark it as a SAVED OR LABLED OR FAVORITE LOCATION

    i save mine as Favorite locations that way if I have my Cell Phone on in my car with the Google maps ap open and i am just driving or walking with boots on the ground, i can see the boundaries of the claim weather a claim marker exists or not. you can see yourself on your cell phone by an Icon and it will move when you move so you can always see you are within the boundaries of the claim. spend the time looking for gold not the posts or markers.

    log in your favorite claim GPS numbers in to MAPS and you will never have to worry again if you are in the right spot.

    I also study the maps on my computer and use the satellite image to show me the topography and helps me find a good place to start digging even before I arrive at the claim.

    hope this helps
    get out there and "GET THE GOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDD!

    your GPAA friend and fellow prospector
    Don Greeno
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