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Crevice Detecting Gold Nuggets
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10 Oct 2023 11:04 AM
    The Bomb Cyclone that California Received this spring moved around and Redeposited some of the smaller Placer Gold.

    We hope to find a pocket that Mother Nature left and maybe a patch of Bedrock that she cleared for us to Detect in our search for Placer Gold Nuggets.
    You couldn't beat the the weather and the water was nice also.

    The hike well that was another story make sure to take plenty of water for the not so short hike out of the Canyon.

    Sometimes it pays off to hike a little further and check more areas to see if anythings changed with the river after it's hit it's highest water level and flows of the year. This was one of those times !!!!!!!!!
    We found a few Gold Nuggets and lots of smaller Gold and there's more waiting were those came from as we left Gold for the next trip !!!!!!!

    When we got back to Gary's @TwoToes Jeep and Cold water in the Ice Chest what a feeling that water never tasted better !!!!

    The Minelab SDC 2300 makes it nice Detecting on the River ( Waterproof ) know worries about dropping it in the water during River crossings.

    Todd @topcatgoldprospecting had his GPX 6000 running and checking the bedrock cracks and crevices and Damon @WestCoastGoldProspecting and the guys were hitting them from the water as they checked on them while Sniping the river.

    Did the River uncover an Ancient Channel or a Drop out spot ?
    maybe it's both.

    I want to thank Tony and Rick for hiking out with me as it made the hike seem shorter having you guys to talk with.

    Thanks for watching !!!!

    SG 090
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