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0 Replies and 2201 Views Metal detecting in San Gabriel mountains  2201  0 Started by Are you allowed to detect in that area or anywhere near it
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17 Aug 2017 11:38 PM
3 Replies and 17939 Views Minelab GPX-5000  17939  3 Started by Let's say I have up to $4000 to spend. I am wondering if there is any reason NOT to buy a GPX-5000. I understand that it would not have the ability of tiny size detection of the GB2, or the depth of the GPZ, but those obvious limitations aside, any thoughts I would be using it everywhere but in water. Thanks!
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by  CHRISTOPHER SATKOWSKIJump to last post
06 Jul 2017 10:42 AM
4 Replies and 7675 Views Minelab Eureka Gold  7675  4 Started by  Hangash Just purchased a Minelab Eureka Gold this year. Absolutely love it. Very fast signal response and an excellent detector in even the trashiest of areas. It's discrimination is unsurpassable. Well worth the 800$. And then to boot the stock coils is a little champ getting into those cracks and crevices. Lots of gold to be found with this detector. Always buy a new detector from a certified dealer so you know your getting a quality machine. I purchased mine on eBay for 800$. Then I purchased a pair...
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by  Dustin OpenshawJump to last post
27 Jun 2017 10:46 PM
2 Replies and 6845 Views 'Noble' elk hunt, but did find many old mines!  6845  2 Started by Whilst chasing elk I have found and GPS'd many old tailings piles and cabins. Thought I would take the ebike and put together an adventure. I have never used a metal detector so looking for some suggestions. I am leaning toward a Garrett ATX. Is this light enough What size coil package Any other suggestions for metal detector I like to keep it simple if possible. I think most of my shooting will be in loose tailings. Thinking I might do some panning too. Might have to bring in a small plast...
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by  Chris WestJump to last post
22 Jun 2017 07:59 AM
2 Replies and 6237 Views Georgia Metal Detecting HELP  6237  2 Started by  peluffo Hi, I recently bought a Metal Detector, Can somebody tell me some places where actually we could use the metal detector in Georgia. I live in the Dunwoody area.  I was some days ago in the GPAA Gold Mine located in dahlonega but I thinks that is just for panning and not for use the Metal Detector. I'm new to this hobbie but I wish to use my new toy I really appreciate any help. I'm interested in gold, silver and any antique hunt. Thanks, Isilio
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by  TIM LEIBELJump to last post
04 Jun 2017 07:30 AM
17 Replies and 9866 Views GOLD BASIN TRIP PLANNED FOR THANKSGIVING... Any Recent Nuggets found?  9866  17 Started by  Dixie_Desert_Digger So I am planning my very first Nugget Shooting attempt. I will be taking my new Garrett AT Gold and Garrett ATX Deepseeker. I am very excited. I have all of the tools, a ton of 'research' knowledge but zero experience in Nugget Shooting and I have never been to the Gold Basin. I will be going alone, setting up my tent and camp area and begin shooting for some yellow stone... So there is the extent of my plan so far LOL... I have just over a month to have a much better plan. So I thought I would ...
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by  Berry PeeblesJump to last post
10 Apr 2017 03:47 PM
14 Replies and 10870 Views Best pinpointer?  10870  14 Started by  clintonstewart71 Hello I have been looking at getting a pinpointer. I have a GB2, and need a pointer. I have been MD dredge tailings and also started doing underwater sniping and am going to need something waterproof. I have seen reviews on pointers but I want to know what pointers you guys like. I live and prospect in the CA-Auburn area.  Thank you! Clinton
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by  Brad LambJump to last post
07 Apr 2017 10:50 AM
1 Replies and 5663 Views the best find ever  5663  1 Started by  jsquibb I have wanted a detector for a long time but didn't think I could afford one so I settled for panning and sluicing when I can. hears for the find I was on my way to work last Thursday and there was a estate action at the house next door so I went over and man what did I find ( a brand new GTI 2500 pro never used still in the case ) I got it for $65.00 that is my find
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by  Alex PrattJump to last post
05 Apr 2017 11:37 AM
6 Replies and 6065 Views Saturday's short hunt...  6065  6 Started by  Nugget Shooter   Got out for a little 2 hour hunt yesterday and found these two,  both were under about 7 inches of overburden in a flat spot in a wash wedged in bedrock..... Found with Minelab GPZ 7000.    
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by  Alex PrattJump to last post
05 Apr 2017 10:23 AM
4 Replies and 7555 Views Whites GMT vs Gold Bug 2  7555  4 Started by Pros and cons Recommendations Arizona prospecting...highly mineralized areas
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by  Alex PrattJump to last post
05 Apr 2017 10:13 AM
4 Replies and 4546 Views WANTED: Geologist - Tucson, AZ  4546  4 Started by Hey guys / Gals... I have been doing a ton of research on the Oro Blanco Gold District of (Ruby / Arivaca area) Southern Arizona!!  from gulches to detect, from abandoned mines, to cemeteries, to the geology of the area.  I am a sharp guy, I learn quickly and retain information when its taught to me in the field. The only problem,  is when I read all of this information like:    'The principal formation is a series of more or less metamorphosed arkosic sandstones, qua...
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by  Alex PrattJump to last post
03 Apr 2017 12:06 PM
0 Replies and 2894 Views Frozen bird going south  2894  0 Started by  Icarus55 Is it crazy to dream of a vacation where you wonder around the Arizona country side waving a stick loaded with batteries  Well, during this particularly harsh  winter in Montana I have watched enough YouTube videos to dream up such an adventure.  Plane tickets purchased, RV rented, time taken off work, batteries charging, and bags are being packed!  Working on the itinerary now writing down locations I see in various forums and videos where people have shown off their nugget...
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13 Jan 2017 11:03 PM
4 Replies and 11223 Views metal detectors what's the best one  11223  4 Started by  goldminerbob7 I have $1,000 and I'm looking to buy a new metal detector they have a new Fisher gold Thug 2 Pro around $800 and I was wondering is that a good metal detector to pick up smaller pieces of gold if anyone has a better metal detector for under $1,000 brand new I would like to know what is the best one that I could buy I have a store near me that carries playing them so I would like to know what's the best one besides the Fisher nugget actor
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by  FRANK NOVAKJump to last post
23 Dec 2016 04:00 PM
3 Replies and 6372 Views MXT/MX5  6372  3 Started by I don't live where nugget shooting is really an option.  We bought an MXT several years ago and I recently joined a local detecting group.  Have a little experience with it, at old homesteads and parks.  Have an oportunity to grab a demo MX5 for a back up and was wondering if the MX5's lack of a prospecting mode is the main difference since they are the same frequency and interchange coils.  I know the control boxes are diferent as the MXT uses knobs on the box and the MX5 ...
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by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
12 Dec 2016 06:37 AM
16 Replies and 29678 Views Pulse induction vs VLF for nugget hunting  29678  16 Started by So I have been watching a lot of videos on nugget shooting lately, and everyone is using a PI machine. Will a VLF actually find nuggets in places like Rye Patch, Rich Hill or Soldier Boy What has been your experience
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by  Shane EdwardsJump to last post
24 Nov 2016 12:07 PM
10 Replies and 10947 Views Entry level Metal Detectors  10947  10 Started by  ScooterMcGavin Hello All,   I purchased a fisher F2 a little over a year ago and have loved using it. It has been a great first metal detector, easy to use, and very effective on many types of targets. It, however is ineffective at detecting gold. I have tested it a couple of times and it has failed in locating a small vial of gold (maybe a gram)  on the surface, or even a ring at depth beyond 2'.  I've been forced to realize I made the wrong choice in metal detectors if I am looking for someth...
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by  LEO LORENZJump to last post
20 Nov 2016 06:06 PM
3 Replies and 9819 Views Bedrock: target or hot  9819  3 Started by Noisy bedrock is always an issue when metal detecting, especially with a VLF. However, sometimes that noise you hear can be a target. You have to learn the characteristics of the bedrock you are working through trial and error and sometimes you just have to break some up to determine if the signal you are getting is just hot rock or a valid target. One useful way to check certain types of bedrock is with a magnet. Out here in Az. we have lots of bedrock in certain areas that is loaded with magne...
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by  Shane EdwardsJump to last post
02 Nov 2016 11:06 PM
4 Replies and 6417 Views I may have found an undiscovered new Glory Hole of Space Gold! COULD IT BE A NEW METEOR CRATER DISCOVERY???  6417  4 Started by  Dixie_Desert_Digger Here is the story so far... So on one of my recent hunts I decided to hit a desert area that is void of any signs of historical activity or even recent activity for that matter. Anyway, I had quite the mishaps and my hunt went sour before I got any real time into it. Anyways, a couple nights later, I was on Google Earth digitally exploring the area again which I often do after having visited the area and getting to know it a bit. I was looking at the area searching closely for signs of old Wagon...
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by  ADAM ANDREWSJump to last post
27 Oct 2016 09:25 PM
3 Replies and 6042 Views Beach detecting  6042  3 Started by  CALL AAA What are the rules about metal detecting on beaches I want to go swing my detector on a few San Diego public beaches this week. The beaches are all city (or maybe state) beaches, no claims or private land or anything like that. 
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by  LEO LORENZJump to last post
11 Oct 2016 04:48 PM
7 Replies and 9123 Views Garrett ATX  9123  7 Started by  Dixie_Desert_Digger So I am buying a Garrett ATX Extreme w/ Deepseeker Package as well as the 8' Monocoil. I have seen much to do with an old bump falsing issue as well as falsing at the end of a swing. I found a vid by Bearkat on YouTube who did a comparison between the ATX and SDC and in it he mentioned Garrett knew of the issue and was working on a fix. That was 2 years ago. I did message Garrett and a few dealers on it. I am wondering if anyone has any 'recent' experience using a 'recent' version of the ATX and...
7 9123
by  LEO LORENZJump to last post
09 Oct 2016 09:11 PM
2 Replies and 7222 Views Tesoro Lobo Supertraq Settings  7222  2 Started by  Hangash For Coins Everything but nickels! Threshold- To the bottom corner of the B in Blk Sand Sensitivity- Max Disc-On Disc- Right before the 6 Alkali- On  This setting is for everything but nickels   Everything including nickels Same as above. Change disc- to 2   Check those settings out on your lobo supertraq tell me what you think. Weeds out a lot of trash using those.  Anyone have special settings theyd like to share, ones they use that are successful at finding gol...
2 7222
by  Dylan AugerotJump to last post
08 Oct 2016 01:00 AM
11 Replies and 17998 Views Which Detector should I pick AT Gold or AT Pro  17998  11 Started by  tfairbanks Currently I own a Minelab Eureka Gold which works great.  I wanted to get a 2nd detector which is easier to use and waterproof.  Which Garrett do you recommend AT PRO or AT Gold  I'm currently going for the AT Gold but I want hear opinions on this.   Thanks   Tyler
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by  SHELDON SWEATJump to last post
30 Sep 2016 07:01 PM
5 Replies and 8173 Views fisher metal detector  8173  5 Started by  1digger1   Does anyone know where I can get a schematic for a Fisher 1266X detector. Thanks for any help
5 8173
by  LEE DURHAMJump to last post
16 Sep 2016 03:47 PM
0 Replies and 3407 Views Ring Reunion  3407  0 Started by  The Mental Detectorist My buddy and fellow club member Mike Slater tipped me off to a lady that lost her ring. After contacting her i found out she lived within a mile from me, so I just went out and found it for her less than a half-hour with the Fisher F 19 These are my favorite type of hunts when I can help someone recover a lost item
0 3407
31 Aug 2016 10:27 AM
1 Replies and 4470 Views First Time Nugget Shooter in AZ  4470  1 Started by I am heading to AZ early April with a MineLab SDC 2300, first time use. Was considering heading to the LSD area. Is that easy access with a rental SUV Any suggestions, or is there a better area for a newbie! Thanks so much!!
1 4470
by  Shane EdwardsJump to last post
22 Aug 2016 09:52 PM
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