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1 Replies and 61 Views High power lines  61  1 Started by I'm heading to a GPAA property that has power lines on the eastern end. I just bought a MineLab GPX5000. Only been out with it once. Will the powerlines throw the machine for a loop, or will it be able to handle the situation. I currently have an 11' Double D and a 12'x15' Mono. I also have a VLF just in case. Thanks, Dean
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by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
26 Jul 2021 01:58 PM
1 Replies and 222 Views Peer training for metal detecting gold  222  1 Started by My wife and I just finished a month long prospecting trip to Arizona, using a Garrett AT Gold and AT Max. We hit a few claims in 2 different counties, Mohave and Maricopa. We detected the washes and got trash, of course. We detected hillsides, depressions, runoffs, etc.... and got lots of copper, lead, iron, and such in large and very miniscule pieces. More experienced prospectors have told us we are doing it correct since we find the very small stuff. It would be nice to have an experienced...
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by  Julie ChitiJump to last post
12 Jun 2021 01:24 PM
0 Replies and 418 Views Moving Boulders to find more Gold Nuggets  418  0 Started by Click and Paste to view video We return to move a boulder that's been keeping me awake at night just thinking about what might be underneath it. This boulder is sitting on Bedrock just above the main flow of the river so it could be loaded with Gold !!!! I worked the crevice around it and pulled out a couple pickers and a lot of lead so lets see whats under that boulder. Detectors used Minelab SDC 2300 and the White's Gold Master V-Sat . ...
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09 Jun 2021 01:22 PM
3 Replies and 748 Views GOLDMASTER 24K by Garrett Metal Detectors  748  3 Started by Wow this news from Garrett Metal Detectors was definitely a surprise. GPAA News by Kevin Hoagland mentioned this intro news: GARRETT METAL DETECTOR ANNOUNCES FIRST DETECTOR LAUNCH FROM THE WHITE’S ACQUISITION Kevin Hoagland Van, Texas April 17, 2021 – Mr. Vaughan Garrett Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales announced to the attendees of the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt IV, the first co-branded Garrett – White’s detector will be the GoldMaster 24K aka. GMT 24K due for release mid-ye...
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by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
03 May 2021 03:29 PM
12 Replies and 1754 Views The Nugget Hunters  1754  12 Started by Click and Paste to view Video Join the Nugget Hunters as we search for Gold Nuggets in the California Motherlode. We search for the Nuggets the 49ers didn't get. With Gary ( Two Toe's ), Prospector Jerry ( California Motherlode Prospectors ), Jeff ( Smithsgold ), Bedrock Bennett, and JC ( Minin Hawaiian )as they search for elusive Gold Nuggets.
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by  Rance CannonJump to last post
28 Apr 2021 08:52 PM
26 Replies and 2575 Views Whites Electronics -Suspending Operations? How will Warranties be Handled?  2575  26 Started by
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For many of us wondering what will happen to Warranty and Repairs for new metal detectors that are still under warranty or just simply needing repair. The Whites Electronics Facebook page posted that Centreville Electronics in Virginia will be handing the warranty repairs, but that doesn't prove that Whites is 'Suspending Operations' or Does it First of all Whites has not posted on their FB page that Centreville Electronics is handling their warranties in a very,very,very long time,apparently e...
26 2575
by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
27 Apr 2021 11:43 AM
9 Replies and 479 Views Garrett AT gold  479  9 Started by I just got a garret AT gold waterproof metal detector does anyone have any experience with these and how well does it perform with fine material Thank you for any feedback.
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by  BRIAN WILLIAMSJump to last post
12 Apr 2021 11:38 PM
4 Replies and 345 Views Detecting  345  4 Started by I know this is a long shot but, is there an app. to show where you can detect on BLM land just asking .
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by  Rance CannonJump to last post
04 Apr 2021 02:27 PM
2 Replies and 300 Views detecting on the Yuba River  300  2 Started by I'v tried to ask on the computer the rangers but no luck, I want to detect the Yuba and don't want trouble or looking over my shoulder, any ideas's where it is legal
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by  Rance CannonJump to last post
27 Mar 2021 07:51 PM
9 Replies and 495 Views Gold Bug Pro  495  9 Started by Heading to AZ next week with my Gold Bug Pro just purchased. Anyone have any insight on this model would be great!
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by  Gary KessellJump to last post
24 Feb 2021 08:38 AM
4 Replies and 1050 Views Metal Detecting Tours in Australia  1050  4 Started by I would like to know if anyone has gone on a metal detecting tour in Australia. If yes, then what guide service did you use and why I am also interested in knowing whether or not you would use them again and if you found any gold during the trip. I an very interested in using a guide service for my trip, but I want to hear what others have to say first before I hire someone. Thanks in advance.
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by  Adrian RonanJump to last post
20 Feb 2021 07:03 PM
7 Replies and 502 Views Three Fault  502  7 Started by Just got back from AZ, Three Fault claim, good looking area, I didn't find any gold this trip, I did find a bunch of small nails about a 1/2 long and all curled at the ends and they were all in an area of about 3 feet. I posted a picture of them on my claim report if anyone wants to take a look at them, maybe some one has and idea what they are or what there from. Maybe from an old saddle bag or something, I've found boot tacks and there smaller so I don't think there from an old pair boots. The...
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by  GEROLD PERSONETTJump to last post
01 Feb 2021 06:02 PM
12 Replies and 1008 Views Using a VLF in the Rabbit Hole District  1008  12 Started by Hey y'all. I'm thinking about heading out to the rabbit hole district sometime soon, and Im just doing some research before I make the almost 5 hour drive out there. I have a Gold monster , and was wondering if anyone had any experience detecting out there with a VLF. Is the ground too hot or is it friendly to a VLF Any help is much appreciated 🤠
12 1008
by  Leo LorenzJump to last post
19 Dec 2020 07:46 PM
1 Replies and 504 Views Looking for Input on 2020 Gift Guide  504  1 Started by Hello metalheads! I’m helping to put together the upcoming 2020 Kellyco Metal Detectors Holiday Gift Guide. Now, I’m not here to plug my site or ask you to look at anything on it. I’d just like to know which gear you think belongs on this year’s list. Are there any new detectors, pinpointers, or other paraphernalia you’ve used recently that you think would make good gift for a novice or seasoned enthusiast Even if we don’t carry it already – heck, especially if we don’t carry it already – I’...
1 504
by  Tad HamiltonJump to last post
05 Nov 2020 11:23 AM
14 Replies and 2243 Views Gold monster 1000  2243  14 Started by Okay I been thinking about purchasing the gold monster 1000 or a good detector I know the gold show is right around the corner possibly get a killer deal for one. Or should I buy one from the mine shop and get free one day Field training put on a claim for 900 dollars I need some ideas.
14 2243
by  THOMAS SNIDERJump to last post
02 Nov 2020 09:00 PM
7 Replies and 850 Views metal detecting training?  850  7 Started by Does the GPAA have any training classes for metal detecting Or maybe know someone that does
7 850
by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
26 Oct 2020 06:03 PM
3 Replies and 1466 Views Best Equinox 800 Gold detecting Coil recommendation?  1466  3 Started by I plan on spending the winter months in AZ an NV nugget hunting. Have Minelab Equinox 800 and wonder if their small coil is best or if there is other brand demonstratively better.
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by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
09 Oct 2020 12:21 PM
14 Replies and 16323 Views Looking for a good metal detector. What ones would work best ?  16323  14 Started by Wondering what would be the best metal detector to find gold. , in a good price range.
14 16323
by  David VanderpoolJump to last post
23 Sep 2020 07:26 AM
4 Replies and 427 Views White's PI  427  4 Started by I just dipped into the PI waters so to speak. The White's online manual just gives basic startup. Any tips or experience with this machine appreciated. Have an MXT and MX-5 and some experience with the VLF side of things. Won't ever be diving with it though.
4 427
by  Allen JenningsJump to last post
16 Sep 2020 09:47 AM
0 Replies and 417 Views World's biggest cache hunt!  417  0 Started by The Ghost town is Gallows Harbor, PA. It is on the west branch of the Susquehanna River. There are 6 large chests and 6 smaller chests plus a glass skull filled with coins, gems, etc. There is a novel on Kick start that has all the clues needed to find the caches. A good metal detector would also help. I have seen the preview pictures of the 6 chests, but the picture option no longer exist in this forum. One looks like the Arc of the covenant That Indiana Jones was after.
0 417
10 Sep 2020 04:51 PM
2 Replies and 826 Views Free metal detecting event directions  826  2 Started by
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by  FRANK NOVAKJump to last post
09 Sep 2020 02:36 PM
2 Replies and 609 Views Plumas county  609  2 Started by Is anyone affiliated with or know of anyone that can give me a definitive answer as to whether or not I can detect lucky s mine in plumas county California. Looking for relics only
2 609
by  bill hansenJump to last post
01 Aug 2020 10:15 PM
3 Replies and 2668 Views Whites Electronics - Closed for Good or Still Life in the Company?  2668  3 Started by With the closing of Whites Electronics in North America many are wondering what the future of WE will be like, what have you been hearing around the metal detecting industry So far this is what we know this far: * Mr White is at retirement age. * Componenent shortages have affected the business since the pandemic started. * Counterfeiters has taken a huge toll on WE and other Metal Detecting companies. * WE is still operating in The UK and outside of the USA. * WE st...
3 2668
by  JERRY PEREZJump to last post
10 Jul 2020 05:10 PM
1 Replies and 501 Views Model  501  1 Started by Looking to Visit the Black Hills South Dakota this summer. Need some help in recommending a detector. Have all coins shooters are Mine lab . Want to stay with them . What model would work the best there . I am buying 2 detectors dedicated Gold. Ron (Will be hunting on gold claims)
1 501
by  JERRY PEREZJump to last post
22 Jun 2020 12:13 AM
41 Replies and 31878 Views White's goldmaster 24k vs minelab's goldmonster 1000  31878  41 Started by
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I was thinking about buying the goldmonster 1000 and then I saw that White's has a new nugget shooter called the goldmaster 24K.  Looking for a recommendation as to which is a better detector for gold prospecting.  Thanks!
41 31878
by  JERRY PEREZJump to last post
28 May 2020 01:25 PM
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