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No Colors but a good time 3/15/19

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Verne McNamara
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I’m new to GPAA and this was my first visit to a claim. We met another prospector out there, Gary who was a member of another club. When on Hey Budee 10, we were visited by another local who was very friendly and we talked for some time. We covered a good section of the claim with our detectors and while we had a lot of iron hits, we did not find any Gold. We will be back with a dry washer and will also try our luck with other Hey Budee claims. Bottom line, we had a great time, beautiful weather and we look forward to our next adventure.


Hey Budee 10 March 2019

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Panned diggings from around previous diggings near the capped off mineshaft located at the southeast corner of the claim. We panned for 3 hours and did not find any gold flakes.


day on the 10

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got to the claim and followed a few of the dirt road just to scout while watching the google maps icon. I ended up sampling a ravine in the center of the claim. the south section of the claim is all green rock or gravel, I am not sure but since this area has a lot of copper mining I would guess it is some kind of it but it is very nice looking. lots of small valleys and ravines, with slopes and hills. the north part of the claim is the typical flat area of Coolgardie with shallow caliche, only saw a few holes dug around the claim. my guess is that not many folks are going to this claim. YOU SHOULD TRY THIS CLAIM IT IS A BEAUTIFULL PROPERTY. I sampled 4 locations with sample bag I dug and was unsuccessful in finding any gold. I was limited on time so I was only able to spend 3 hours out Sat so I was not very efficient. I will go again before the hot temps and sample till I find it. as you all know sampling is the only way to find the stuff. and if you take a new guy please set the proper expectation. the newbie I took will not be going again as after the 3d pad with no gold he said " IM DONE WITH THIS LETS GO HOME" so I took him home. he was pouting that there was no gold. another person who wants to GET RICH AND NOT WORK FOR IT. seems to be the norm when trying to find a friend to prospect with. this has and is a lonely pastime. good thing I like myself and spending time in thought of the Lord and my loved ones. Great day no matter what on a Beautiful property with perfect weather. I hope this helps you enjoy this claim. see ya out there