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easy to find — 2x4

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used Google maps and the GPS #'s from the CLAIMS GUIDE. I punched in the NW and the SE markers on Google maps. used it to navigate. the map takes you to Coolgardie Rd where there is a Y in the road. that is where the map on Google ends. Take the left in the Y and it will take you to a T in the road you can only go left or right. if you look right there, the marker for the NE is right there I have a picture posted. the road is very good and the claim is VERY well marked with the claims posts as they will be right where I am saying. the road is good for 2 wheel drive and crosses the claim exactly at from the NE marker to the NW marker and the road is good and smooth. plenty of parking off that road on the claim side and you could see the capped off mines located right on the claim.


do not use the online GPS numbers they are wrong — 2x4

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the GPS numbers are for somewhere in Big Bear area. they are not correct and is I am sure a big reason there are no reports or this claim online. I will use my claims guide and try it on Sat 5/25/2018. I did send a message to Kevin H at the GPAA last week but no answer about that back from him.


Corrected GPS coordinates and directions. — 2x4

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The correct GPS coordinates for the South/East corner of the claim are: 35 degrees 05' 31" N and -117 degrees 02' 48" W. The North/West corner of the claim are: 35 degrees 05" 44.28' N and -117 degrees 03" 3.71' W.
From Barstow, take Irwin Road north. Turn left onto Copper City Road. Just past the top of the hill, there's a marker on the left side of the road (BM3960). Continue past the marker for 3/4-mile and turn left on Coolgardie Road (4' steel pipe with yellow paint on top) near a stand of Joshua trees. Continue on Coolgardie Road for 4.3-miles to an access road on the left. Take the road south 270 yards to the North/West corner of the claim.