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 Monday, July 1, 2019

GPAA Prospectors Challenge

by GPAA Admin

GPAA Prospectors Challenge
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Congratulaions to Aaron McNeal, winner for the best prospecting report on the Adkison AuProspectors Lease!

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(NEW) End of the Road | The Progress | Deadwood 3, 4, 5

(PAST) Texas Treasure Island Camp Lease



1 (one) Gram of Gold (per property)



How it works:


As we add more claims and properties for the membership, we’ll need your help - the members, to go out and prospect each one and report back on it. If there are no new properties, it will be a featured claim, or one that needs more information in the online mining guide.


The report that answers all the questions as detailed below will receive 1 (one) gram of Gold!


The perfect review gets manned on the site with turn by turn directions that includes any challenges that you may have getting to the site, permanent landmarks to look for and an overall level of difficulty. Each step should include photos. A prospect review should cover the What, Where, and How without giving an "X" Marks the Spot.



Here are the specific questions that need to be answered in your submission to the Online Mining Guide:


  1. What was your step by step route to entering the claim? 
    1. Please provide high resolution photos at each step including any significant markers along the way.
    2. (Highest settings on camera or camera phone – at least 1MB file size or higher)
  2. What type of vehicle did you use or would recommend? (2x2, 4x4, ATV, etc.)
  3. When did you visit the claim? (Month and Season)
  4. What was the weather like? (Temperature, conditions, etc.)
  5. What was the soil and geographic conditions like? (Was it soft, rocky, etc.)
    1. Please provide high resolution photos at each step.
    2. (Highest settings on camera or phone – at least 1MB file size or higher)
  6. What type of prospecting tools and methods did you use and would recommend?
  7. Did you find any gold?(!)
    1. Please provide high resolution photos
    2. (Highest settings on camera or phone – at least 1MB file size or higher)
  8. What are your recommendations for new and experienced prospectors on this property?
  9. Are there any regulations or dangers that one should be aware of? (Specific regulations for the property, wildlife, etc.)
  10. What are your final thoughts on this property, the prospect of gold, and surrounding area?


A few things to keep in mind when submitting:


  1. Submit your own responses within 60 days of the Challenge Posting (First month of Pick & Shovel release and/or Social Media Post)
  2. You are allowed to edit your posting up until the submission deadline.
  3. Submissions will be graded on quality and completion of questions answered and content submitted in the GPAA Online Mining Guide.
  4. If there is a relative tie in submission grades, the names of the top reporters will go into a hat, and picked at random at GPAA Headquarters and broadcast on Facebook Live.
  5. Winner will receive One (1) Gram of Gold and published in our publications and social media pages.


The first Challenge will be for the two new properties we just added in Texas and Alabama. There will be a gram of gold up for grabs for the winning report of each property. The winner will be announced on Social Media and featured in the next Pick & Shovel.


Good luck to all, have fun, be safe, and may the best prospector win!


We'll see you out there,

The Gold Prospectors Association of America


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