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Deadwood 3, 4, 5 directions — 2x4

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Jordan Ray
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I was in Elk City over Labor Day to move someone there but didn't get to any new claims, however I will provide directions here according to Google and Pick and Shovel claim maps. Head East from Grangeville and take the Mt. Idaho road being careful on the Italian Bar style hill that drops down to Hwy 14. RV's and 5th wheels can make the trip but use caution. Elk City has a campground but the trip to the claims may exceed your vehicles capability so I recommend using only the truck or SUV. Just before you get to Elk City (51 miles from Grangeville) you will see the Red River Rd on right, take that and the immediate right at the "Y" (NF-1803) which goes up hill past the "First Cabin in the area" on right. The road will split and few times with Deadwood Road the first left. Stay on NF-1803 until it hits Deadwood Creek Road (NF-522) again then turn half-right. If you continue on this road you will hit the Crooked River road around mile 8 (private property area). If you chose to come in the Crooked River Road from Hwy 14, drive 8+ miles then turn left up NF-522 (Deadwood Creek Road). If you see houses on the right and the old miner ville of Gnome then you've gone too far. Contrary to what the Pick and Shovel says Deadwood Creek empties into the Red River and not Crooked River. Elk City has diesel and 87 grade gas, some auto parts and fluids and restaurant in one store and the other General Store has quite the selection of foodstuffs and there's also a small hotel towards the Ranger station. For better satellite images see the Rider Planet website and search for the Elk City Wagon Road ( Good Luck!