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Idaho, ID

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The Progress map directions — 2x4

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Jordan Ray
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Was moving someone to Elk City and looked for the new claims but without a GPS and this map I had no luck. Now I'm using Google maps to provide better directions to get you near the claim. The Pick and Shovel shows the Wild Hope Mine sits within the claim and is visible in the pictured map. Leaving Grangeville traveling East, you will want to turn right onto Mt. Idaho Road which will take you up and over a significant hill top and down to the river and Hwy 14. The road is wide and paved but be cautious because it reminds me of Italian Bar road. At the river continue for 35 or 40 miles to Sourdough Road (which is narrow) or if you miss it NF 492- Santium Road on right (wider and they merge). Follow Santium/ Sourdough Rd. South to Buckhorn Rd. then turn West (right which turns into a 2 track road). Follow Buckhorn to Old Golden and turn Left onto Old Golden Road/ NF1894). The Progress claim is from this intersection aligned SE past the Wild Hope Mine. If you continue to follow Old Golden road it comes out on the Sourdough road again after a few miles. Elk City has two stores, one sells 87 grade gas and diesel, sells auto parts and fluids and nuts/ bolts/ hardware and has a restaurant. The other General Store up the hill has a wide array of foods. There is a campground to park your RV or 5th Wheel on. I don't know the condition of the roads into the claim so I can only guess at the 4x2 access description I have checked. If anyone visits please update the directions. Good Luck! If you wish to see a good satellite website of the area try: (Elk City Wagon Road and expand your search).


Not a 2X4 accessible claim — 4x4

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Michael McCabe
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We came at this claim from both sides and you cannot get into this claim with a full size vehicle. You will need a 4 wheel drive ATV to access this. We were unable to reach this claim in our 4X4 truck.


4x4 only — 4x4

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Gregory Walther
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I came off highway 14 on Buckhorn road. Serious 4x4 only. Steep and narrow barely passable with full size truck. Once started up the hill nowhere to turn around. Once on the peak the get worse. It took an hour to go 4 miles. I got within a half mile of the claim and found a place to turn around. Walked the final distance. No creek just open wilderness. You may not come out undamaged. I got scrapes, scratches and broken side mirror. Advise ATV.