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First visit to Golden Eagle

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My wife and I made our first-ever trip to a GPAA claim on Labor Day 2018. The claim directions are spot-on. We parked on the narrow shoulder adjacent to the highway, but it is fairly busy with Yosemite traffic. Heavy or wide vehicles not recommended. There is a paved shoulder just south of the claim within easy walking distance, though. I called and spoke to the USFS station prior to going and was told we would not need a permit to prospect.

We had more gear with us, but the steep access was too difficult to navigate with anything other than pans in our backpacks. This claim is not accessible if you have any substantial physical limitations or concerns. Use caution regardless.

The river would have been perfect for a sluice box, but we could only try a number of test pans. All we got was black sand from points in, near, and above the waterline. We could have crossed the river to the other side in places but did not.

Overall, this is a nice spot to spend time. We hope to go back again sometime and try our luck again, maybe at the claims nearby.


Dig here...

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Aaron Pippin
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When you look up to the road from the bank on this claim, you'll notice a high water shelf and a low water rock pile (shown in the pic) separated by a 2-3 foot drop. Dig at the base of that drop. Move the slate (black) rock and get at the surface gravels. You can also dig up the bank for finer gold. This is where I've found most of my color on this claim. Have fun, and don't take it all from me! ;)


Few nice flakes and a silver flake

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Tom Howe
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New member and haven't panned for many years. I will take a small rope and tie off to the car above the site to make it easier to climb back up and get down safely. Also didn't take the metal detector or buckets down because of the access. Panned about 5 pans of sand / gravel behind big rocks as the water was still quite high and fast. Found a few flakes and one silver. Will go back with the metal detector (and rope) to spend more time. Only 37 miles from home and a beautiful drive up.