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Gold Recovery at Claim

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Hi all, Claim owner Phil, AKA Dusty Dry-washer. Steve and I have worked several areas on the claim over a few great camping trips. All have produced gold. Great fun and exercise. Glad to open our claim up to GPAA, enjoy.


Placer Pete Paid off

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First I would like to say thank you to Steve the claim owner and former poster on this site. thank you for answering my question about the Decomposed Granite and how to work it. Your Explanation and photos were easy to follow and I had success this past Sat so thanks again.

drove the way recommended on the get there part but I just prefer the Coolgardie Rd way as I love to see what action is going on at other claims. not that I know who is who out there just like to see others having a great time.
the way in was bumpy with whoop de doos due to the flood run off on the front side of the Coolgardie hills. Beautiful was the desert. Saw Horney Toads and some very cool big brown long lizards. Birds and Monarch Butterflies almost floating in the breeze. God is So Good!
Got to the claim and saw all kinds of action. Folks all over the place and it was only 8am. Wow I thought, Word of gold travels fast!! ....well, NOT so fast, Lol. it was a Gold Prospecting Club outing and these guys meant business. Lol I saw Rhinos, Side By sides, every brand of Jeep and 4x4 known to the modern world running all over every trial there. Just having a great time!! you could hear Dry washers from every direction. it was Dry Washing Eutopia!!! lol! all noise just meant this claim was being enjoyed by the folks it was meant to entertain. PROSPECTORS LIKE ME!. Lol Gooooood Stuff!

I found a Wash a bit to the North East and Dowsed up and down and it read HOT all the way, the small bends in the channels gave me the largest hits with gold from the surface to deeper than 8 feet below the surface. I found a great spot with a narrow pinch zone over decomposed Granit and a small but very pronounced Bend in the waters path. I used what I learned from Steve and the advice paid off. We ran 24 buckets and found some nice Shinny.
My friend found a Meteorite one time near by and he did it again but found a few.


Decomposed Granite

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Thanks guys for the great reports on the Claim. There was one question regarding decomposed granite I may be able to help with. When you first dig in the south east side of the claim (larger area of claim where you find the discovery point) you can work in one of the several washes running through the claim. At first when you dig its pretty easy. The overburden is rich with JUNK! Eventually (if you are in the wash) hopefully you will get to the pay dirt. This is about 4-6 inches above the decomposing granite. Process this dirt, you can find gold in this material. As you shovel deeper you will find the digging gets more difficult. The shovel seems to find what sounds like gravel. It's compact and challenging to get through with the shovel. You have found the decomposed granite! Now it gets challenging, you can (like we did at first) dig harder and even use a pick to get this material out. Using this method will make the material chunky and not ready for a dry washer. You will need to pound the material to break up the clumps and loose the color hiding in the cracks of the granite. This is very hard work. Using a hammer drill breaks the material up much faster. This results in smaller chunks which can be smashed with your shovel once or twice and ready for your washer! We have gone down over 1 foot of the granite and found gold. I have some pics below to hopefully help you out! I hope this helps. We hope to be out on the claim on April 23rd 2019. Don't be afraid to stop by and say Hi. We will be glad to help you out if you wish!


Gave ole Placer Pete a Try - Nice Claim

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found the claim with no problem and dowsed a bit. got some hits and we picked a spot.
found the layers Steve's report talked about ( thanks Steve good stuff) and vac packed a bit of it and panned it. FOUND SOME SHINNY!!!!! NICE! not as much as Steve but hell I was just happy to see it in the pan. love to see it poke through that beautiful black sand of all sizes and shapes. while I was on the claim I walked around and scoped it out. as previously stated in other posts, this is a Great Place to come back to. I have more to learn on the decomposed granite producing gold so I would love to see some pictures of it close up to identify it better.
one thing I noticed coming in from Coolgardie Rd is the Desert is in Bloom and it was amazing to see all the Trumpets and Desert Candles. I had to take some pictures.
can't wait to go back to this claim. I am shooting for Sunday 4/14. I drive a Gray Chevy Silverado with my GPAA bumper sticker and decal. if anyone sees me just hallar "GREENO!" and ill come over to meet. love to share info while in the field and can always appreciate a point in the right direction.


My first report

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mike robertson
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I've wanted to visit this claim since I read about it in the Pick &Shovel Gazette (Feb/Mar. 2019). I drove thru Coolgardie (Mistake, take Hinkley rd., much easier) Finally arrived around 730am. After surveying around Jim, my brother starting testing around near the road, and I grabbed my GMT and started swinging. I found alot of decomposing granite bedrock, hot iron rock, metal junk, and no gold. I came back to check to see if Jim found any shiny, and he was happy, it was little bigger than flour gold, but alot of it. Just bout that time the claim owners, Steve and Phil came by and they sharing info on the spots that they have found gold. Walked with me up and down to show me the claim stakes (that postage stamp, TOPO map in the newspaper doesn't represent it well, This place is huge! and it not all played out, its hardly been touched. We're Def coming back!