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Finding Gold on this claim - It can be done

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This claim is on the southern end of the Coolgardie area near Barstow. Gold is fine to small pickers and small nuggets both coarse and flat. Gold can be detected but the overburden is loaded with junk so some shoveling is required (I suggest the top 4 inches). High banking and dry washing will yield good results with fines , pickers and the occasional small nugget found on top of the Caliche layers.
Working the decomposed granite is also good but is hard work. A generator with a hammer drill to break through the loose decomposed granite then drywashing works well. The same type of gold can be found but seems to be a bit more plentiful working the area this way.
This is a large claim with several washes available. Look at these washes as you would a river. Find the "inside bend" and the other "Stream" intersections and you should be OK. Moved 1 3/4 yards of dirt and using a dry washer found 300 pieces of gold ranging from very fine to pickers and what some would call small nuggets. Have yet to weigh the findings however. This is typical all over the claim (at least the area's I have prospected so far). Much of the North east area of the claim is still to be discovered.
This claim has been around a long time with several areas worked well in the past. Metal detector's working the multiple tailing piles may have good luck finding what the old timers left behind.