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Placer Pete's Claim - Directions — 2x4 or 4x4

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Steve Scukanec
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This is a relatively easy claim to get to. It can be reached from either Barstow or from Hinkley Ca. Easiest route is from Interstate 15 to route 58 west. Head to Hinkley. Exit 58 at Hinkley road north until it becomes a dirt road. When you reach the yellow Road Not Maintained sign along with Limited use area sign bear right (Slight "Y" in the road). Road sign is marked as BM6285 (google earth marks the road as CoRd20771). Follow road till you reach the intersection BM6285 and Fossil Bed Road. Follow signs to CG7210. Take CG7210 to CG7206 (slight left) DO NOT MISS THIS TURN - DO NOT CONTINUE ON CG7210 which heads off to the east. Take CG7206 to the claim (about .6 miles). Claim is well marked with Corner markers and discovery point. Be careful on CG7206 there are a couple of rough spots in the road. High clearance vehicle recommended but 4x4 really not required.


Just some fyi. — 2x4

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Jason Badman
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Directions here are good very direct getting there can take a car as I did but take note there are a few places that are rutted deep enough to make the bottom of your car scrape I just rode the peak of the ruts I made it through fine better to take it slow once you hit the dirt road.


Alternative to the washboard — 2x4

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Dan Kaufman
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The claim is very easy to find. Last time we went we took an alternate road. Instead of turning off of Hinkley Rd. at the usual spot which is a washboard, we followed Hinkley Rd. to the end of the power lines and turned right. It ties in around Fossil Bed Rd and was a little bit smoother.


Easy access — 2x4

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Duane Tanner
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Directions from the LA basin are to take the 15 north to barstow. Get on CA58 to Hinkley road. Follow to end and take a right. At this point I put in the lat\long on my phone to the ingress point. Important step, lot of roads. I drove a 2x4 just took it slow, no problem!


Directions to PPC — 2x4

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Dan Kaufman
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The directions are pretty easy that are included but this is just a supplemental. If you are heading north on I-15 you will save several miles by getting off at the Lenwood exit and then heading NW on Lenwood Road to Hwy 58. Besides, this is the last place to get gas and snacks. The exit is Hinkley #227.