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Grizzly Bear #2

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Dig the Bench

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This claim must have recently been reposted.? Awesome addition ๐Ÿ‘. Anyway, I hope to see you on it in the summer of 2020. If this claim holds true to Little Grizzly Creek farther downstream, to include Grizzly Gold A, the stream bed and bank gravels will have some (flood) gold, HOWEVER, the older bench material is where itโ€™s at. Analyze your area and imagine where the ancient stream once flowed, as well as choke points coming off the mountains. Dig and classify at your site, and bucket carry to your sluice. Refer to my Grizzly Gold A photo...nice pickers and nuggets can be found on the Little Grizzly. I believe my best gold came from digging the blue/green clay and rust colored gravel...dig deep. I dug down about 3-4 feet. FYI, Advanced Geologic has several nice claims for sale farther downstream. Tell Charlie, Brian referred you. Please carry your trash off and backfill your foxholes...GPAA folks are great about this, but the claim jumpers give us a bad rap. This is a beautiful and pristine area. God Bless!