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Mariposa, CA

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lots of gold throughout the claim

20 1
Kevin Bell
Step 1 of 1

Good gold is found throughout the claim. Dig in flood material on either side of the stream. You can also find gold just about anywhere in the in the inflow canals and old stream bed.

Dig down through the light material until you begin to see cobble and rocks. Test frequently as you dig down to make sure you are still in the gold.


Motherload still producing gold

16 0
Step 1 of 6

Currently - No use of motorized equipment at this claim when hunting for gold. Hand tools ok- Sluice, pan, metal detector. You will be working directly in the water, which is refreshing in warm weather.


Greenhorn found some shiney

10 0
Joseph Williamson
Step 1 of 1

Great place with easy access. Didn't see any claim marker but GPS said I was good. You can camp right on the creek. Test panned a few spots and found a bit of color in each pan. Worth going back to work it again


Flakes in most material

9 0
Tj Richards
Step 1 of 1

Really nice spot easy access and flakes in most every pan. Would be a nice spot to camp and work in the future and good for the family. Dug in flood material and and sides of the banks didn’t get to stay to long but for what I got I’m very happy.


Bit of junk and no nuggets found

9 0
Tom Howe
Step 1 of 1

Worked a gold loop around the edge of stream and in water around likely spots. Few hits were junk now removed. Nice area with pretty easy access.