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Libby Recreational Gold Panning Area

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Went up to do some panning and detecting, but found the gate locked about a mile give or take from the site. Ran into the caretaker / security person and was told the gate is locked from the first part of May to the end of June, do to the amount of Grizzly Bear activity Yikes! He also told me in the last couple of years after the thaw / flooding in the spring people are finding good Gold! Hopefully I'll get back up there to check it out.


Libby Creek Public Gold Panning Area

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Chris West
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This area is a historic gold operation turned public panning area. It is very scenic and a good place for kids. You can only use a pan and dig (2) 5-gallon buckets a day. There is gold, but I have never heard of much found. Dig in the hill behind the outhouse (the gold is always behind the outhouse).


Libby Creek Gold

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John Watkins
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Dug some gravels from mid stream in front of a huge rock. Did 3 pans and found only 6 fines. Cold fast moving stream 2'+ deep.
Several people digging in huge spoil piles east of main creek area and apparently where locals are finding gold.
And yes it is grizzly country.


Found gold!

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Went here a couple of years ago. Only pan and shovel allowed. Could only prospect for about an hour but found gold in the creek. About 10 miles from the pavement, but a nice drive on mountain road. Nothing steep or scary. Dug behind some large rocks and found color. Could probably find more by going up or down stream a little where most people don’t go but I didn’t have time.


Lovable Libby

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The “Golden Back Achers (GBA)” used to be a GPAA claim on Libby Creek and was downstream from the Libby Recreational Gold Panning Area. My wife, son, and I spent two days prospecting GBA in 2015 after a very kind couple of fellow GPAA members in Cooke City, Montana showed us their finds and recommended the creek to us. Wow!…prior to that I had never seen so much gold in a pan. Large flaky stuff and a lot of it! We found the same quality of gold, even a large ‘potato chip’ flake that I sucked out of a crevice with my Gold and Sand…only to blow it, and likely a lot more, out of my sluice due to excessive water flow. Talk about a disappointment 😢! I was still learning the art of properly setting my sluice to gold type and water flow, which would fluctuate. The Libby Panning Area, although hammered, will still hold excellent bench material and flood gold.