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Emerald Creek Star Garnet Area

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Emerald Creek Star Garnet Area — 2x4

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Wayne Crowder
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NOTE: This area is in North Idaho. It is a pay to play site with the US Forest Service, usually open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Dates may vary due to weather and availability of the garnet containing dirt.

HIGHLY SUGGESTED: Call the US Forest Service local office for specific opening and closing dates for this site. Dates may vary due to local conditions. Access is by reservation only, $15 for adults and $5 for children 6 - 12 yrs old as of this writing on Sept 29, 2022.

Permits can be purchased online at or by calling (877) 444-6777 The closest small town is Clarkia, Idaho.

From St. Maries, Idaho, take Idaho Hwy 3 southeast a little over 20 miles (estimated). Turn right onto USFS Road 447. Follow 447 for about 8 miles. Parking is on the left, but the dig area is uphill via walking path on the right. You must walk about a 1/4 mile to the dig site. Handicapped access (confirm before going) can be by car to the dig, but you must park below in the designated lot.

Pack a lunch and bring your own water. No facilities at the dig site. Port a potties are in the parking area.

Shovels, buckets, screens and wooden sluices are available to wash dirt to find garnets.