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mother nightmare — 2x4

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matthew long
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I attempted to go to this claim a couple years ago with my kids. I actually found a spur off of nf 29 that takes you down near river level. There is a nice camping spot at the end of the road and a good trail that leads to "mother's nightmare" claim. The signage states that it is a GPAA claim but its nowhere in the mining guide...??? strange. We found a few flakes near the river and saw a good sized deep hole someone had dug way up dry. Unfortunately between the heat and the horseflys my crew didn't last long. Hoping to go back.


Actual GPS Coordinates — 2x4

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Allen Comstock
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GPS Coordinates for the parking area are:

46.432316 -121.839952

The GPS Coordinates for the claim put it well off the coast of Oregon.

The driving directions are correct. If you add a photo it will be upside down!!!!


EZ access — 2x4

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Steve Graner
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From Randle WA, take South 131. Then follow the signs that lead to Cispus Learning Center. About 1/2 mile after crossing the Cispus river, about a mile before the CLC there is a bridge over Yellow Jacket Creek.
There is parking for 4 to 5 vehicles near the bridge. The claim access is pretty easy from here, just hike along the waterline to the SE until you find a likely spot. The printed guide recommends turning up USFS #29, but then there is a tough descent from that parking area to access the creek. And a tougher climb to get back to your vehicle.