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CRIMSON DOVE # 1, 2 & 3

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Directions from I-70 — 2x4

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From I-15 take I-70 east bound to exit 17 for Fremont Indian State Park. Take a left off the exit and cross over the freeway, then take a left at the T. Use same exit if west bound on I-70. Turn right off of the exit ramp then left.

Dirt/Gravel road will begin. Travel 1.4 miles on the dirt road. (This dirt road runs parallel with I-70. It is known as Kimberly RD aka FR113.) You will see a sign on the right that says “Permit required for firewood removal”, then there will be a cattle guard. Turn left onto the ingress road immediately after the cattle guard. After the road takes a right you will see a claim marker on a tree to your left just off the creek. When you get to the end of the ingress road there is another claim marker just up the hill on your right. We found an additional claim marker along the main dirt road near where the road goes underneath I-70.


Easy access in the spring, summer and fall. — 2x4

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In a previous report, Bruce gave such great directions and info about the area, there's no need to post anything. Just thought I'd put some pictures up to help out.
When you get off the freeway you'll see this sign, turn left!


Simple access — 2x4

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From Provo UT. - South on I-15 (approx. 135mi) to the I-70 East exit Denver
From St George UT. - North on I-15 (approx. 126mi) to the I-70 East exit Denver