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Kathleen Biffle
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The East Swank makes it ideal for serious prospecting. It is tricky to locate and once you do, make sure you have a 4wd if is at all muddy. Camping here is very primitive but it is beautiful. We dredged up great finds including old coins and small pickers at the East Swank and will definitely be back to explore other areas of this beautiful location.


Love this place

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Went to SWANK WEST to camp out for a day we stayed for two. The wife was down by the river panning for hours. I found a
a little pices one was incased into a small stone. There is an old sang if the wife is happy the man is happy. This is
true as long as the GPAA has this claim I will be a member.
Mike Rice


Swank East

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Spent several hours dredging on an inside bend , found some fine gold , typical for the Swank


More remote then west claim

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Less used then the west claim partly because of limited camping , tent only and the need to have four wheel drive except in the driest weather. You can be here all day and not see another prospector . Several areas to park off the main drive with access to the river. Small red garnets and fine gold , some larger flakes .


Summary of Swank east claim

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The swank claim east has a few tent camping spots not recommended for campers you can camp on the swank west with campers. There is no port-0-pots on this part of the swank property. This part of the claim can Flash flood so keep a eye on the weather. Flour gold, flakes an a picker now and then. Max stay 14 days. NO DIGGING IN BANKS Eldon (Sonny) Lucas Ohio State Director