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Just checking it out.

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You definitely need to be prepared. Lots of trenches in the paths. I suggest a 4x4 with good tires to grab when needed. It took a while to get in and then I was worried I would not get out because of the rain coming down and I am driving a standard Chevy Traverse with not much ground clearance.

I got there a little too late to pan as it was dark and decided I to leave when the rain started coming down.

May want to consider a winch and a chainsaw for the trees falling across the paths.

Lots of nice looking campsites. It seems people have really been good about taking care of the area.

Beautiful place if you know what you are doing, I was a little anxious because I do not 😁 I think I should get a good handheld GPS.

Cell service: my Verizon worked ok when on or near the top of a hill. It would drop to 3G and then no service as I descended.


Beautiful place

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Jason Rayls
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I brought some water and panned a dozen or so sample pans with no results. I tested the drainages adjacent to the road. The claim was covered in snow, so it made things tough.

I had planned to haul buckets to somewhere with water and run through a sluice, but found nothing worthy. If conditions were better, I'd check out the other side of the claim.

Its beautiful country. Although we didn't find anything worth mentioning, it was still a good time visiting this claim.