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Active area

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Michael Pavelek
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Lots of little pits throughout the area, tailing piles everywhere. Not sure if I found anything yet, I’ll pan the 10 gallons I took home and see how it goes. GREAT area to explore, you could wander for days just looking around.


crystal claim near the center marker

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I used the center numbers to navigate there. Decided that since I have never been to this claim I would need to sample it first. I pulled out the Sample Bags and geared up with a hand pick, scoop, and gloves. first I took samples from the eastern most ravine in some bright orange dirt, Nothing
took samples from the 2nd ravine and the 3 ravine working back west from the parking area and working up the ravines, brought it all back to the truck and set up the recirculating sluice and ran the material, panned the cons and low and behold I found some color only. about 6 specks in a hole right by the spot I was parked in someone's old dig spot. no knowing this claim the best thing to do is sample sample sample. so next visit I will take on the next ravine and work each one again sampling until I find something worth working on. the material was VERY COMPACT AND TOOK ALOT OF TIME TO EVEN GET A BUCKET SIZED SAMPLE. so expect to work when at the claim. hard dirt. I see a lot of opportunity on this claim for the good stuff. I see others have made nugget traps on each ravine and that was cool. maybe later they will have some in them however I did not find any gold in the samples above them in this area. I will go back and sample some more next time. small gold specks were coarse and yellow.


Gold panning

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Ryan Gonzalez
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This is from a half bucket I panned out, i found some small flakes and it was fun panning this stuff out, nice black sand and a lot of iron....


Gold panning

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Ryan Gonzalez
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Nice area found some small flakes but getting here was pretty rough, the back way from the high desert was some rough terrain so not recomend for cars going that way trucks only


A little difficult to find markers.

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Samuel Moorefield
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I did not have any luck with the ATX or the GB2. I only found some hot rocks. Most of the markers were burnt or missing. I met some nice people who were very informative, they were also prospecting on a different claim. They mentioned that this area was no good for detectors. I mostly found bullets and 22 shells.