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Not the yuba

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Kevin Burke
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It is the north fork of the American river. North fork of the Yuba is much further north (Downieville


Access to NF American River

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Roger Sleight
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The best access I found was to continue on the road heading southeast past the campgrounds to a wide parking area for a trail head. Take the trail a short ways down to the southeast corner of the claim where the North Fork of the American River runs through. The trail runs along the river. Good places for sluicing and panning.



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Walt Mandeville
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Sailor Point Road can take you through the center of this claim, but didn't do me much good. The brush is very thick through most of this claim and a lot of it is very steep. There is a lot of old river bed rock but I did not find a great place to work. I did not get down to the southeast corner that touches a very small section of the North fork of the Yuba, but that would likely have been more useable for panning and detecting. The roads are not bad, but narrow, slow down and be careful, there are those that don't have much common sense.