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Last Post 02 May 2021 11:57 PM by  ARTHUR WAUGH
Blue Bucket Digger Dirt Party
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02 May 2021 10:28 PM
    Up front, my first visit/outing at an LDMA property, as a GPAA member.

    We arrived late Monday night, signed in, and did the check-in Tuesday. Check-in was set for 3PM, but was done well before for the early arrivals. So far, so good.

    Event to start Wed morning. Expecting a common operation, like all of the other events and outings I've heard of.

    They changed at last minute, and let everyone work on their own, but most were not told. By the time we found out, no place to set-up. If there was space to set a banker, some idiot had 50' of hose running hither and yon, where 20' would so. If you set up you would either be tripping over it, or stepping on it. Was told, well, you should have set up on Tuesday.
    Bottom line, we drove 450 miles each way with a motorhome, Jeep and trailer with our gear, including a brand new highbanker ($700). Still has not seen a drop of water in it.

    I will never set foot on another LDMA outing, nor can I recommend LDMA if anyone asks about it. Totally fed up and disgusted with the way it was run.

    Just about to tell the whole organization to stick it, and pull my claims from the guide

    02 May 2021 10:59 PM
    Do people really just walk away from things if they think they had a bad experience?? I mean.. Doesnt anyone give seconds chances anymore before you quit?? Do you give your children up for adoption the first time things didn't go right? Divorce your spouse after the first fight?? Stop mining after the first time you don't find gold??

    Everything in LDMA and GPAA is "subject to change".. Don't believe me? Read your paper work that you agreed to. Things at outings have been changing and evolving constantly for at least the last 10yrs. Some of it works some if it doesn't.. How will they know unless they try??

    I think the new caretakers did a fantastic job... and it looked like the other 75 participants agree.

    If you want to be quiter and walkway from a great organization that is your right but there is no need to try to sour the rest of the community and turn them against the very people who worked their asses off to do their best to make sure everyone one had a great time... Obviously you can't please everyone.. But they tried.

    I guarantee you if I had come that far I would have worked with the crew and found a spot for my highbanker.

    Good luck on your next adventure



    02 May 2021 11:57 PM
    Donna and Bryan are good people.

    Would have been nice if EVERYONE had been told of the change when they signed in. That didn't happen.
    After the event, with hindsight, reading the email blast to participants, it was known by at least the 8th of April there was no common, and it was going to be a free for all. But that was not expressed clearly, so folks who are new to outings know what to expect.

    I understand the reason for the experiment.

    Yeah, I could have forced my way to a set-up, and pissed off the guy next to me with excess hose by walking on it until it got a hole, or making 6" pieces out of it to get it out of the way. Of course, as soon as I start stepping on his hose, he complains, and I'm the bad guy and get kicked out. Not the way I do things, i try to respect the next person mining, but some there apparently don't give a damn. When I go out to set up my older banker, I have 2-10' and a 20' intake, and 20, 30, and 50' lay flat. I don't use more than required to keep my footprint as small as possible. I consider that to be respectful of someone else trying to work the same area.

    Nobody from Dom on down made any attempt to get people to consolidate, it was more of "that's the way it is, too bad"

    If that's the attitude you foster at Burnt, so be it. Good luck

    As to leaving, that will be a decision between my claim partner and I.
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