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Last Post 26 Apr 2021 09:57 PM by  KEN DANHEISER
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26 Apr 2021 09:57 PM
    Hi folks, I attended the LDMA Digger Backhoe push dig, and I would like to give an honest report on the event. First of all, as far as my qualifications, I have been a GPAA member for 36 years. I have been prospecting and mining for 36 yeas all over the country. Now as far as the event, I love the Duisenberg area and all of its history. The LDMA camp is great as well as the host. The dig was set up well with plenty of pay dirt to run through your equipment. The weather was great on Friday but very windy on Saturday and Sunday. I ran pay dirt through my 140 Keene size puffer. I ran about 1 1/2 piles of dirt through my machine, which I thought , and told by other there, it was a lot of dirt. The pay dirt was a mixture of sandy material with small to large boulders, some weighing 70 pounds. My take for the weekend came to 204 colors and 1 nice picker. From what i heard from other digging around me, the pay was not very good., and i would have to agree with that. I have worked many other GPAA claims, and based on the amount of dirt I ran, my take would on average be 500 - 1000 colors. Now that being said, the good news was you didn't have to pick and you ran the dirt right next to the pile, and u could park right there too. In my opinion, the amount of gold I recovered didn't justify the $100.00 I paid. I could have done a lot better at another claim and camped for free. I know gold is were you find it, and the gold there is dispersed in pockets and layers. But based on what I saw and heard from other there, its not worth the work you put in. Sure I had a good time, and everyone has different values and opinions. But I just wanted to be honest and give my opinion. Bottom line, I probably would not do another push dig at Duisenberg. Nothing against the LDMA OR GPAA, but the $ 100.00 bucks is a little steep. Good luck and keep diggin !!!!
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