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Last Post 19 Apr 2021 06:04 PM by  GEROLD PERSONETT
Advice on project viability
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Aaron Miller

19 Apr 2021 02:16 PM
    It has been a dream of mine to go into mineral exploration full time. I know that when people usually post that kind of thing here they get laughed down, but just hear me out.

    I have been mapping on google earth mines that were historically closed before WWII.
    I have a few hundred mines mapped out that are currently unclaimed.
    These range throughout the rockies but primarily in AZ, NV, CO, ID, and MT.
    My goal wouldnt necissarily be mining for gold, it would be staking mineral properties for resale.

    The major problem for me currently is that I live in Ohio, and patiently waiting to get hired somewhere out west is not working for me (2 years I have put over 50 applications in with not a single call back).

    My Questions:
    What are the real chances that any of these abandoned claims hold tangible value?
    I see alot of "claims" for sale on line, Do people actually buy these?
    Should I: Buy a house and make a home base? Buy a RV and travel/ prospect all over?
    Move and look for a full time job? a part time job? just prospect weekends?

    I am not a huge people person, but wouldnt mind a team if we are all like minded. Are there small groups of any of you folks that do this now?

    Any advice is appreciated. Advice from people with similar experience is appreciated greatly.
    Christopher Satkowski

    19 Apr 2021 03:08 PM
    Not a good idea.

    In the hole state of Arizona, you can probably count the number of people making a living off small mining on two hands.

    So I would say, no don't quit your day job.

    I have been to dozens on places, if you have any around Wickenburg, I may have even been to the ones you looked at. None of these panned out in the day I spent at each of those places. I found a lot of copper type minerals from mines located prior to strip mining, but there's no way to make money off coper as a small miner.

    I have met a couple of people who did something like you were saying and moved down here to mine gold as a primary living, and did not make any money off it. Lost plenty. I also know a lot of people that will show some gold of what they've found, but often its a season's worth, or year's worth, or even a lifetime's worth, but never enough to pay the bills. I met a couple in Lynx Creek that was falling behind in bills, so decided to spend their time panning at the creek to catch up. At the end of two weeks they showed me a grams worth, $30. They would have been better off never heading out there.

    Some people will try to tell you otherwise. Be very cautious with any life decisions.

    19 Apr 2021 06:04 PM
    I totally agree with what Chris said. When I was younger I started doing pretty good at gold mining and was doing it full time for a while, but that was while I was dredging, but with all the shut downs and regulations that would be tough to do now. I have a buddy that is always wanting me to team up with him and buy a claim and start mining full time. I've also seen way to many people try and fell and loose everything, I'm sure it could be done with the right plan and the right claim but it's something I'll never try again. I enjoy finding gold but it's a lot more enjoyable when I'm out there knowing I don't need to find ounces every month to make ends meet. I get as much enjoyment out of the prospecting side of this hobby as I do finding a the gold I do find. Even when I come back from one of my gold prospecting trips the first question ever one ask is "did you get rich" and I tell them I had a safe trip and it was great to get away but their never impressed with how much gold I found, if any. But my adventures are priceless and hope I have many more years of them. Maybe someday I will find another paystreak, gold patch or gold pocket and there will be enough gold in it to retire so I can prospect full time. There are a lot of people out there with the same ideas you have and I hope you can find the right team, if you never try you will never know. Good luck.
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