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Last Post 12 Apr 2021 01:59 PM by  Jason Straszheim
do you want to go to alaska? need body's
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Jason Straszheim

12 Apr 2021 01:59 PM
    need someone who wants to go to alaska with me ..if your a pussy stay at home.. i ll cover gas and food... i got over 100 mre ..100's of pounds of staple food.. i want to film aswell.. got 3 go pros 1 drone 1 dive cam 1 handheld drysuit wetsuit full diving mask ots .. i got 4 inch dredge highbanker wit 2 inch pump..buckits pans bla bla bla simple 4x4 big horn 420 kinda of guy...i want to be up in al by may 1 to may 15..i dont want to leave til the snow is around the bend.. im in washington now killing time...any takers?
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