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05 Dec 2014 06:59 PM

    Well, now that I got your heart really pumping, here it is.

    I have just had 2 eye operations and I am just starting to see clearly

    so I am jumping into my research mode. I lust picked up a book

    by Eugene L. Conrotto called ' Lost Gold & Silver Mines of the

    Southwest'. The thing that go me is some of the listings look findable

    using the "clues" in the stories and other resources like old maps

    and up to date topo's.

    On page 200 is the story of the Duchman's Laguna Gold. Not to be 

    confused with the Lost Duchman's Mind. It even has a map with an

    area circled above Laguna Dam. I think this could be found using a 

    good topo map.

    He crossed the Lower Colorado River Southbound, at Picacho by ferry.

    He was using a cart pulled by two burros so this limited his area of travel.

    He camped in a little basin with a spring high in the hills and could see only one little

    green spot of Colorado river bottom land and in a southern direction he

    could see smoke that he assumed cane from Laguna Dam.  He was camped above the Senator

    wash. When camped he discovered a high grade vein of gold.

    Now, with these clues and a good TOPO, I think this vein is findable. If I wasn't on the East coast,

    I would be out there right now.    Oh, this tail is also in the Dec. '58 Desert Mag. Which you can view on line.

    Good luck,   Frank





    I deal in reality and call them as I see them. Frank
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