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Last Post 04 Jan 2020 09:59 AM by  Jim Gold
tweezer gold
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Bennett Helgerson

04 Jan 2020 06:43 AM
    Cowboy X update:

    Gold is, and was, plentiful, especially in ancient cultures.

    Try to get some now.

    If you can save multitudes of concentrates and capture that micron, more power to you!

    My start, decades ago, was tweezing tiny specks, until I was laughed at by a Talkeetna, AK Potato Patch Alaska miner. He gave me a 3 oz. nugget.

    I graduated and was successful in finding.

    Fines reintroduced.

    Small, odd shaped gold is currently mystifying me with it's behavior when recovering with fine heavy magnetic sand.

    Different traps and wet methods were weakly successful with larger particles.

    Gold particles skate across the black sand layer, while others are sink.

    Percolated hydraulic fluid beds are a method to recovery.

    Some mild vibration(s) points, possibly combined with dry, then wet separations, along with different mat captures, may be key, without using industrial centrifuge concentrator bowls that capture micron gold.

    There must be a method, to be developed, not a specific manufacturer of any product.

    It must be a conglomeration of known practices.

    Maybe, it's not been invented yet.
    Jim Gold

    04 Jan 2020 09:59 AM
    There is an excellent method of recovery for micron gold. It's called a Goldwell sluice. It captures up to 200 - 300 mesh size. Google Goldwell Sluice or try YouTube or look them up on Facebook.
    Lots of good info there.
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