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North Dakota prospectors
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Nate Harling

18 Aug 2014 10:58 AM

    I know Bismarck, ND had a GPAA chapter until recently, and I requested information from the GPAA regarding former chapter members names/email addresses to make contact with them about the defunct chapter's status.  Unfortunately, the GPAA has decided that sharing the names/email of any fellow ND members would be considered giving out confidential information.  I think that's bull squirt, to be honest.  They also said that the January edition of Pick and Shovel would have the former chapter presidents' contact info, but since I just joined in June, I do not have that on hand. 

    So, I'll try it this way!

    I would like to meet other GPAA members and hopefully get to know others who might be interested in A) meeting to share experiences about prospecting the Black Hills, B) carpooling or travelling to the Black Hills together for some prospecting trips in 2015, or C) potentially get the Bismarck chapter going again.  I am very much a beginner with only one day of prospecting under my belt (and a rather unsuccessful one at that), but I am very interested in going several times in 2015 and would like to meet others with whom to discuss experiences and perhaps make trips with (whether it's a chapter outing or not).  I have my own mining equipment and plenty of desire - I would just like to make some new friends and share experiences and possibly to travel with and/or split travel expenses. 

    Feel free to message me or openly respond to the thread. 

    Thanks! Nate Harling - Bismarck, ND

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