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Last Post 21 Oct 2019 09:05 PM by  Gary Whited
K- River camp ground
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Rick Faler

21 Sep 2019 10:41 PM
    Spent the day 9/21/2019 at K-River campground, awesome campground, friendly people but no gold. Tried several places on the river. Lady at the camp said several people have panned there with no luck. Also, the photo of camp is outdated. Nice place to relax, get your feet wet. Easy to find. No thumbs up from me.
    Gary Whited

    21 Oct 2019 09:05 PM
    The gold is small and you need to stay away from currents and dig down from 6" to 3 feet. The deeper you go generally the gold is more plentiful but not necessarily bigger. I suggest that you go to the KTUL website for an article on "Panning for Gold in Oklahoma". The KTUL website has other gold prospecting articles however the "Panning for Gold in Oklahoma" was produce by KTUL with several members of the Oklahoma City GPAA, including myself. Let me know if you need more info.
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