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Anthony Ingersoll

13 Jul 2019 11:55 PM
    I am sure that we all know what paydirt is and how it works. Many times, I have seen people go crazy over the paydirt because they do not get dollar for dollar in the gold. I have often said that if you want gold dollar for dollar then you just need to go and buy gold bars, nuggets, or coins. However, with that being said there are benefits to the use of paydirt.

    I do buy paydirt on a fairly regular basis. There are a couple of major reasons that I do this. The first reason is to keep up on the panning and of course testing new equipment. I will increase my paydirt order once the end of October or beginning of November gets here. The winters here in Ohio can be quite rough and it changes at the blink of an eye.

    Depending on what you are after specifically will determine what the best paydirt is for you. I have been using goldyn paydirt for some time as their quality has been pretty good. I have not had any issues. You have a couple of good places to go for that. The first place is Amazon where I have seen the dirt going for 20 dollars a pop. The other place you can go is eBay. Occasionally you will find deals where if you buy two you get one free type of thing. Yes, I know there are people who will have an issue with eBay; but I found that if you stick with the exact same brand then you should not have any issues.

    I would suggest that when you get new equipment such as a sluice or gold pan that you get some paydirt so you can test the equipment adequately before taking it out in the field.


    20 Feb 2024 06:46 PM
    Hey everyone, I hope this doesn't seem like too much of an ad for myself.
    I've recently started an online gold pay dirt company "WNC Prospecting". I offer 3 different levels of gold pay dirt for beginners, intermediate & expert!
    I have minimum quantity bags! Each level of pay dirt has a minimum quantities of quarter, half and full gram bags!
    Depending on the spot price of gold, the ROI from my pay dirt is between 60%-65%! This is much higher than most online pay dirt vendors!! :D
    Inside of every bag is 10oz of river material from Western North Carolina, of course the gold haha, a gold pan keychain, and a unique coin!
    I really enjoy prospecting and living in an area that isn't dense in gold, it made me think about the people who live miles and miles from the nearest gold deposit. This is my way of offering the thrill of gold prospecting to people like this or just anyone who enjoys the thrill of panning for gold! Of course, as a business I have to make money, but I try to give my customers the best ROI possible!
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