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Last Post 15 Jul 2019 08:22 PM by  Anthony Ingersoll
New Equipment
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Anthony Ingersoll

13 Jul 2019 11:44 PM
    Good evening,

    I just got a new piece of equipment delivered today via Amazon. I kicked the bucket so to speak on this piece of equipment. I caved in and got the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket. The bucket is not all that bad, to be honest. Albeit being a new invention there are areas of improvement. The Gold Pan its self is eh so so. But then again I have my personal preference on the type of pan.

    One of the major benefits though is the fact that everything you need is contained within the bucket. You have the bowl for the cons, the classifiers, a gold pan with the snuffer bottle and a vial along with the concentrator it's self. The plus side that I found to be really worth it is when you are doing sampling and you do not want to drag all the equipment out for a sampling mission. While you can do the regular prospecting thing with this; i find it to be a great sampling tool.

    There have been discussion around the fact that it replaces the sluice. I would have to disagree with this for one major reason. That reason is that you cannot move large quantities of material through it before you clean it out. The sluice on the other hand, has that ability. On that note, I would suggest having both handy dependin gon what you are doing while out prospecting in the field.

    I know that it is designed to move stuff with water, but I would think that it will work with dry material as well. I plan on testing it with dry material later this week when the paydirt is delivered. I will get into the paydirt thing on another post. But suffice to say, payddirt is beneficial when it comes to testing new equipment out.

    If you have any other suggestions/comments on the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket or any other tips regarding equipment, please leave a response as I usually check this site quite often.

    Good night and have a safe weekend.


    Anthony Ingersoll (A Greenhorn)
    William Hall

    15 Jul 2019 07:02 PM

    First off, we were all green horns at one time
    Main thing is to learn something new each time out
    If your nugget bucket meets your needs and gets you out on the river, go with it
    You will figure out over time what works and what dont for your operation
    You will learn, the more material you move the better your chances
    Sampling yes, production no
    If you cant process 3gal of 1/2" - material in just a few minuets its slowing you down, depending on your operations, I'm basing that on my operation
    If you get a chance, check out a gold show to check out and feel all the different types of equipments available, hook up with a chapter in your area
    However, sometimes it's nice to stand and look around trying to imagine what it looked like 150 years ago and the two to three day ride back to town instead of the 40 minuet trip back to a warm shower and comfy bed

    So Much River So Little Time...Get Out There
    Anthony Ingersoll

    15 Jul 2019 08:22 PM

    Thank you for the insight on my post. I would never dream of using the nugget bucket in production given that the process is drawn out. After using it this weekend, i find that it is better suited for sampling only. I have two more pieces of equipment that are due in this week and if they work the way I think they will, they will be for production. I have also been eyeballing a couple of goldhog sluices for a later date though. With that being said, I am going to give myself ample time to get the equipment functions figured out before I get another piece of equipment. I also got my hands on paydirt too. The intent of the paydirt is to test the new equipment on how well it picks up the finer gold (flour and fine flakes that sort of thing). Eventually, I will be visiting the claims we have here in Ohio as well as the chapter that is in my area.

    I have found the magazine and the Gazette have been quite interesting.

    Happy Hunting.

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