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Last Post 11 Jul 2018 06:02 PM by  Matthew Grant
Prospect with me!
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Matthew Grant

11 Jul 2018 06:02 PM
    Hello everyone, i am a new member and definite greenhorn, left my family in seattle to head south lookibg for color. So far i checked out the golden cat claim in the umpqua national forest, only dug a couple shovels full, and terrible at panning, but i found a flake or 2. I am on foot with tons of camping gear, slowly walking and hithiking south. Got a ride into Roseburg today and i noticed there is one claim in douglas county, he comes on a white/horseplay i believe was the name. I am actively looking for any ride i can get, but a trip with a fellow prospector would be a learning oppurtunity i would really love to get, especially tips on proper panning techniques, and how to get the right amount of water flow through the sluice. So if anyone is in oregon, especially the roseburg area, get ahold of me here or email me at id love to have someone to prospect with, and learn a few things from. Thank you for reading and i hope to hear from you
    You are not authorized to post a reply.