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Last Post 18 Mar 2021 01:27 AM by  KENNETH WEATHINGTON
2 1/2 Keene powerjet set up
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Jeff Courter

23 Apr 2018 03:29 PM

    A bit of a newbie on the dredgeing thing.  I just got a Keene 2 1/2 powerjet dredge.  I am running it here in Georgia (or will be).


    Any recommendations on the inital set up.  Angle on Sluice box?  How much throttle?   I just need an idea of where to start and then I can go from there....

    William Hall

    23 Apr 2018 03:58 PM

    New or older dredge ?

    Enough throttle for good suction, box water flow
    That may require full throttle depending on HP and conditons
    Enough slope on the box to move rocks off but not enough to scour out the riffles
    Try and keep the tail of the box outa the water via flotation
    But you want to keep the box low to the water level to help with suction by not having to lift the material any higher than needed
    Its a balancing act, good suction, good water flow but not to much
    Dont raise the nozzle out of the water, go slow on the nozzle to avoid plug ups
    If your not under water bring ear plugs

    Most of all, enjoy your time out there,

    18 Mar 2021 01:27 AM
    I run my high banker at about 10degrees. Steeper to get more flow and shallower for slowing water if your sluice loads to one side. Lower that side very little until the box is even
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