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Last Post 29 Mar 2018 09:33 AM by  Merle Mitchell
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Merle Mitchell

29 Mar 2018 09:33 AM
    Had a guy pull up to the gas pumps around 11 am on the first day of the hunt. An older man with his wife. They get out and he is all smile! He says "you boys seen my elk!" My friend and I walked over to take a look. We look in the bed of the truck. Look at each other, look at the man, look back at the carcass. Without thinking I say, "your joking". The man got a little upset, thinking I was making fun of his kill. I said "sir, that is a mule!" He says "dont be silly, its a cow elk and I tagged it!" I say, "yes sir, I see the tag... I also see the shoes!" The Wife just laughed!!
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