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Last Post 01 Oct 2016 03:31 AM by  Brad Lamb
The Perfect Membership
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Ronald Peterson

30 Sep 2016 09:11 PM

         Come on gang it's time to lighten up a bit here for it seems that some people mistakenly think that they have bought the super special presidential elite membership package, a.k.a. " The Perfect Membership " instead of the normal mediocre club membership.

         Now I can understand their frustration when they find out that they do not have access to the " Hold Your Hand 24/7 Hot Line " which is always busy because 1 or 2 members are always hogging the line.  Then there are the exclusive " X Marks the Spot Maps " that have so many Xs  on them you can't make out what state you are looking at.  You also get the forever gas card that forever has no gas on it and best of all there is always someone on the claim that will do all the digging and separate the gold for you while you sit there watching, drinking your favorite beverage.

         There is of course another great benefit which is all 2,250 pages of the government exemption for small scale miners paper work that is already filled out for you and stamped denied, because these miners are to small not to fail.  Definitely a huge time saver here when dealing with an unjust and overbearing FnG bureaucracy.

         Yes I feel their pain, for I know what it is truly like to think that you bought something very special only to learn that it is just average.  Oh and by the way, I am still waiting to receive the " Electronic all Pro Gold Pan " with my paid up membership that throws away everything but the gold out of the pan automatically hands free thus taking all the guess work out of panning the right way.

         So as you can see, I am just one of the very few proud owners of the " Perfect Membership " here and most facetiously yours.       Ron 

    Brad Lamb
    Lost Dutchman
    Lost Dutchman

    01 Oct 2016 03:31 AM
    The new elite membership gold star presidential platinum sour dough mega package seems more "perfect" than my old one, lol.
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