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12 Replies and 7071 Views New Member just wanted to say Hi  7071  12 Started by  fjlilly I'm new to the GPAA, and just want to say hello to everyone in my area.  I'm in Phoenix, Arizona. Frank L.  
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by  Alejandro UriasJump to last post
17 Feb 2015 09:31 PM
2 Replies and 3533 Views Prospecting-Metal Detecting partner wanted  3533  2 Started by  AuIdaho Looking for someone in the Boise  Idaho area to go nugget shooting and prospecting with. I have a Gold Bug 2 and a Minelab GP 3500 with several coils and I also have a highbanker dredge combo, 4X4 truck and a good camper trailer. Have full access to a claim out of Fairfield towards Atlanta ID. Hit me up!!
2 3533
by  LESTER SMITHJump to last post
17 Feb 2015 08:41 AM
4 Replies and 5967 Views Looking for a prospecting buddy around Phoenix  5967  4 Started by I'm looking for someone to go prospecting with in the Phoenix/ Wickenburg/ Salome areas. I have a 40 acre claim in Wenden, AZ to work, and lots of GPAA claims around the area. I can only go on Mondays, so if anyone is interested, let me know.
4 5967
by  PATRICK VARGAJump to last post
28 Jan 2015 09:27 AM
2 Replies and 6603 Views Gold/Silver prospecting in around Guadalajara Mexico area  6603  2 Started by  BoooYA316 Retired and relocated here in San Pedro Tquepaque Jalisco Mexico. I speak fluent english and spanish. Would like to find a group of friends interested in prospecting several river areas..If interested lets chat.
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by  Matt MortensenJump to last post
20 Jan 2015 11:23 PM
1 Replies and 5478 Views HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  5478  1 Started by Happy New Year to all members and guests.  May you have a great year, and find that nugget/paystreak you've been looking for.   Good luck to all.     Paul
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by  Matt MortensenJump to last post
09 Jan 2015 03:12 AM
5 Replies and 6718 Views Houston, Tx Area  6718  5 Started by  ankh3000 Hey everyone. It's been about 6 months since I got on here. Thought I'd try this again. Anyone in the Houston area that goes on weekend trips for panning or using a metal detector I'm hoping to start a new job soon that will give more funds for weekend trips. I have been to a couple of beaches with my metal detector and found only trash.  My wife and I are just looking for somewhere to go with people and have a good time. Shad
5 6718
by  Gary WhitedJump to last post
26 Dec 2014 05:41 PM
0 Replies and 1780 Views Palm Springs for the Holidays  1780  0 Started by Hi everyone.  It's my first post to this forum, though I'm active on my local GPAA chapter's forum, in Pennsylvania. My son (11 years old) and I love to go out and sluice, but we can't bring our sluice with us; we are bringing our metal detectors, though, and our classifiers and pans.  We're staying right in Palm Springs, and we'll have a rental car, so we're able to go mobile - north, south, east or west. Any suggestions on where we should go  We'd prefer to keep the drive un...
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22 Dec 2014 07:23 PM
1 Replies and 2510 Views Merry Christmas !!!  2510  1 Started by Here's wishing all my friends here on the forum and fellow LDMA/GPAA prospectors everywhere, a Very Merry Christmas!   I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season. Also wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!     Paul
1 2510
by  joseph LoydJump to last post
19 Dec 2014 02:00 PM
12 Replies and 8575 Views prospectors in north Carolina.  8575  12 Started by  denied Looking for someone in my area that might be interested in prospecting together. I live in ocean isle beach. About 4 hours from the nearest gold rich grounds. I still have not met anyone interested in prospecting.
12 8575
by  Eugene LysakJump to last post
17 Dec 2014 07:00 PM
2 Replies and 6080 Views Anderson, SC???  6080  2 Started by I know most of you are on the west side of the Mississippi river but anyone an LDMA member as well And in SC near where I am
2 6080
by  PAUL STRAUBJump to last post
30 Nov 2014 08:59 PM
3 Replies and 6084 Views HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!  6084  3 Started by Happy Thanksgiving to all!    I am thankful for all the new friends I made this year through this forum and others, and those I met out in the field prospecting.   Hope everyone has a great holiday season and a great New Year!     Paul
3 6084
by  Sheila WannJump to last post
26 Nov 2014 08:19 PM
2 Replies and 3266 Views Prescott in the winter or a bit further south?  3266  2 Started by  kirk howes Hello, I will be heading to AZ this fall and winter for a long term trip. Length undefined, as I am just going to wander the south west for awhile and enjoy the trip. I will be bringing a 4x4 truck and equipment. Looking for someone to help me out as to areas  to check out. Planning on camping as much as possible with maybe a motel shower every so often or a dip in a creek. I have camped in Alaska and all over the USA on bare ground with real bears. I like snakes and enjoy the outdoo...
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by  BOBBY FREEDOMJump to last post
10 Nov 2014 06:54 AM
0 Replies and 2349 Views Gold Radio Talk Show  2349  0 Started by  BobbyFreedom Thanks for your interest in our weekly Radio show, it is actually a Podcast with a different guest every week on Tuesday nights 7:00PM EST/4:00PM Pacific. People call in with gold prospecting questions and we also give away paydirt and prospecting gear, t-shirts, hats and nice prizes each week. Join in on the fun, there is a chat room for interaction.
0 2349
04 Nov 2014 10:10 AM
5 Replies and 6579 Views Looking for partner for Helena/ Weaverville area  6579  5 Started by  HumTrinityGold Hey fellow prospectors! My name is Eric, from Arcata, CA. I have been doing some minor prospecting in Willow Creek. I've found some color, but am interested in finding a lot more. I'm a new member and the closest claims to me are on 299 west of Weaverville. I would be able to put in a few days a week until work slows down. My equipment includes a gold hog hog pan, gold hog mini highbanker with extension, 36' Keene sluice, buckets, shovels and the desire to fill my vial! I'd love to run...
5 6579
by  RONNIE ROBERTSONJump to last post
13 Oct 2014 07:29 PM
0 Replies and 4896 Views Going sluicing and pannin  4896  0 Started by Hey fellow prospectors I'm heading up to Plumas nat. forest this week end of the 3rd, either Nugget trap or Lost leprechaun any takers on meeting up and sharing the load and splitting the fun! Rick
0 4896
29 Sep 2014 09:20 AM
0 Replies and 2503 Views Will be in New Mexico/ Arizona area oct 5-10 2014  2503  0 Started by  Gold hound What are the best claims in your guys opinion for these areas Any input would be useful and appreciated. My partner and I plan to run a minimum of 200 buckets per day provided our equipment can keep up. Will be using drywasher mini and recirc high banker mini.
0 2503
07 Sep 2014 06:57 PM
4 Replies and 3063 Views greenhorn wanting to learn  3063  4 Started by  kebkj24 hey my name is brian james .i live in waterloo sc and just love to run my high banker.found a little gold and some cool silver but interested in learning more .i listen very well and dont know everything,and can shovel for about 3 hrs straight with out getting tired.looking for a freind to learn from that lives near me thanks.
4 3063
by  brian jamesJump to last post
07 Sep 2014 01:50 PM
1 Replies and 5718 Views Looking for help.  5718  1 Started by  mbosanek Hi, we just joined GPAA, we live in Bellevue Nebraska and are looking for a chapter to join or local folks that are members. We have only been on one prospecting adventure and that is how we got hooked. Any help is welcome. Thanks Mary.
1 5718
by  Scott LeidenbergerJump to last post
30 Aug 2014 05:50 PM
0 Replies and 2651 Views North Dakota prospectors  2651  0 Started by  panningfool99 I know Bismarck, ND had a GPAA chapter until recently, and I requested information from the GPAA regarding former chapter members names/email addresses to make contact with them about the defunct chapter's status.  Unfortunately, the GPAA has decided that sharing the names/email of any fellow ND members would be considered giving out confidential information.  I think that's bull squirt, to be honest.  They also said that the January edition of Pick and Shovel ...
0 2651
18 Aug 2014 10:58 AM
1 Replies and 5809 Views Prospecting Buddy  5809  1 Started by  James Smoltz Hello everyone,            I am looking for a prospecting buddy that lives close to Lake Elsinore. I have some equipment but most of it takes water   If anyone is interested on going out and hunting for gold please feel free to commit on this post.     Thank you all, James Smoltz
1 5809
by  Chris BlakeJump to last post
13 Aug 2014 08:14 AM
0 Replies and 1802 Views 2 Year LDMA/GPAA Member in San Rafael, Marin Co.  1802  0 Started by  TopCat58 Hello fellow Prospectors, I recently retired due to disability and I'm looking to meet new members that want to go to some upcoming digs in Sept. and  Oct. (Scotts Bar and Italian Digs etc. ) I'd also like to start thinking about signing up for the next Alaskan trip. Been a dream of mine! I'm also looking for new prospecting friends and wanted to say I look forward to becoming a more active member in the club. So anyway, hopefully I end up meeting alot of you and maybe some of you can teach...
0 1802
02 Aug 2014 12:55 AM
0 Replies and 2692 Views Prospecting/ camping trip  2692  0 Started by  guyclark33 We are going camping/ prospecting at K River Campground in Moyers Oklahoma on August 9th - August 16th.. Going to be dredging, high banking, and whatever else we can do.. so come on out and we will also have our drywasher to demo. The maker of the drywasher is Promack treasure hunters in Apache Junction, az.
0 2692
29 Jul 2014 03:26 PM
4 Replies and 6159 Views NEWB to Prospecting  6159  4 Started by  jarrell I'm a Newb to this outdoor activity and am looking for others that would be willing to teach a new guy the lay of the land in Oregon and how the GPAA does business on their claims
4 6159
by  RICHARD PLUFFJump to last post
22 Jul 2014 12:13 PM
1 Replies and 2410 Views Prospecting near Morse Creek July 11 & 12  2410  1 Started by  rshwashington Anyone going to be in the area Going to stay at a local campground. Never have been at this claim but ready and willing to spend a day exploring. The Harper's
1 2410
by  STEVE WAGNERJump to last post
11 Jul 2014 05:39 PM
0 Replies and 3658 Views prospecting gem hunting  3658  0 Started by  2dogs any prospectors or gem hunters in the miles city montana area would like to meet new friends
0 3658
08 Jul 2014 02:03 PM
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