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0 Replies and 3866 Views land use  3866  0 Started by  dennis huggins  last night it was reported that COOLGARDIE MASA  IN THE CALIFORNIA DESERT was bludgeoned to death by the desert renewable energy conservation plan better known as the &91;DRECP&93; with the help of three other assailants, the MOJAVE GROUND SQUIRREL.THE BARSTOW WOOILE SUNFLOWER,AND THE BURROWING OWL. COOLGARDIE MASA is servived bo some very desipointed drywash miners you can bet the miner that have claims there now will be hounded and restrected to death
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15 Feb 2015 09:23 PM
0 Replies and 3889 Views land rights issues  3889  0 Started by  dennis huggins the DRECP plan will all but close off the entire california desert to mining when it passes later this month. the public has tell the 22 of february to make comments on this plan. to see the plan get on line and goggle DRECP  there are hundreds and hundreds of pages and maps. the environmentalists have stole the show and we miners will be hit pretty hard there are over 50 now ACEC that cover millions of acres of land. there are BILLION OF DOLLARS  to be had from the renewable ener...
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12 Feb 2015 06:57 PM
5 Replies and 8046 Views Feds admit lead mercury researched a member of enviro group  8046  5 Started by  Brad Jones The following is a media release issued by the Western Mining Alliance Jan. 7. 2015: PRESS RELEASE Reno, NV January 7th, 2015 For Immediate Release FEDS ADMIT LEAD MERCURY RESEARCHER A MEMBER OF ENVIRO GROUP In a recently released report the US Geological Survey admitted a mercury researcher was a member of an environmental group which lobbied for the California suction dredging ban. Following a request for an investigation by the Western Mining Alliance (WMA), the Department of Interior...
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by  LEO LORENZJump to last post
12 Feb 2015 06:23 PM
5 Replies and 9742 Views George Buzzard Massie  9742  5 Started by  GregMiller Archive video from the days of GPAA founder George 'Buzzard' Massie will soon be available right here at   Who's looking forward to watching some clips from the FIRST Gold Show
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by  DAVID BUZZARDJump to last post
03 Feb 2015 04:33 PM
2 Replies and 5374 Views Jerry Hobbs' passing  5374  2 Started by  goldhammer Just saw a post on another form that PLP's Jerry Hobbs passed away.  He was a leader in the fight for the mining community, and will be deeply missed by all who knew what he sttod for.
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by  BRAD JONESJump to last post
28 Jan 2015 12:41 PM
1 Replies and 5743 Views People v. Rinehart case  5743  1 Started by  minermike2 The state of California is at it again. They tried to get the Appeals court to re-try the case and they refused. Now they are asking the California Supreme Court to depublish the opinion of the Rinehart case. The Western Mining Alliance is asking that we write letters to the California Supreme Court to not depublish the opinion issued in the Rinehart Case. The form letter is on there website,
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by  BRAD JONESJump to last post
28 Jan 2015 12:34 PM
13 Replies and 11804 Views Chat Room  11804  13 Started by  rbp i know the last chat room was not a smash hit. That being said, i would still like to be able to have more of a live time form of communication than just a snail mail forum. Would like to know what other members think and feel about this. Thanks for reading, Ron.
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by  DAVID ORMANJump to last post
16 Jan 2015 06:29 PM
2 Replies and 4436 Views Thanks GPAA!  4436  2 Started by  Nodnor the Wise Just a quick thanks to the GPAA for posting the episodes of Gold Trails to the website for those of us all over the country.   Thanks to all involved.    Paul
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by  Tim LeibelJump to last post
15 Jan 2015 03:18 PM
8 Replies and 10176 Views Forum Non-Activity  10176  8 Started by  loki258 Well after the new format, which I do quite like... it appears this forum is not gaining any momentum...
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by  JOHN DORVALJump to last post
11 Jan 2015 05:29 PM
7 Replies and 9504 Views Newest GPAA web page design  9504  7 Started by  tpleibel Ok, I am very computer literate. I work on them and servers for a living. I am having the hardest time navigating the new layout.  I especially can not follow the forum and other postings. So what does everyone else think I am sure the people that are doing the design changes would like to know the good and the bad.
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by  Matt MortensenJump to last post
09 Jan 2015 03:23 AM
6 Replies and 7421 Views How Do I Change My Profile Name  7421  6 Started by  LaconicAntagonist Can someone explain how I can change my name in my profile  I would like to add my middle initial, because obviously it would help distinguish my name from some other guy with the same name in the GPAA. Haha! I went into my profile settings, but where my middle name/initial can be added there is no box to add the information.  Am I missing something here, besides the box, that I may need to do  Any help would be appreciated.
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by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
11 Dec 2014 07:50 AM
0 Replies and 4891 Views Duisenburg Web Site Informational Updates  4891  0 Started by  rsmjr CHRISTMAS BRUNCH HOSTED BY CHARLOTTE AND MEL IS SET FOR DECEMBER 25, 2015 FROM 11AM TO 2 PM. SEND EMAIL TO CONFIRM THE NUMBER IN ATTENDANCE TO DIGDUISENBURG.COM. Almost all pages on the Duisenburg Site have been update. Check them out! Next Big Dig Date: May 6-10, 2015. Call Office for Reservations at 951-699-4797 or 800-551-9707 NEEDED: Photographs of members and area around Duisenburg are requested. ( Photo's must be acceptable for all age groups ) Please send to digduisenbu...
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07 Dec 2014 05:01 PM
8 Replies and 6227 Views 2014 STANTON GPAA/LDMA OUTING  6227  8 Started by  GPAA-Dominic Reaching out to GPAA Annual and GPAA Lifetime members that have not attended an Outing this year (2014) yet.We have a few spots left. Bring family and friends. End the year at Stanton, Arizona by participating in a GPAA/LDMA Outing.  Not only are we going to find some gold, but learn how to recover more gold. LDMA Dig – Stanton outing additional activities (all events are subject to change):  ·        Drywasher Dig (weather permittin...
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by  DOMINIC RICCIJump to last post
03 Dec 2014 05:16 PM
2 Replies and 5194 Views Robert Service poem  5194  2 Started by  golden_images I'm sorry if I am posting this question in the wrong place, but I am trying to find out the name of the poem by Robert Service that Tom often recites. About all I know for information, is part of the poem is ' It's not about having the gold, but finding the gold'. If anyone can tell me the name of the poem, it would be appreciated. 
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by  DONALD CLAYCAMPJump to last post
16 Nov 2014 05:34 PM
1 Replies and 6560 Views Oct 29th Vein Mt. dig  6560  1 Started by  williamross1 My wife, Sunshine and I (i'm Bill) and our friends Chuck and Linda had a great time. Dominic, Kevin, Great going, Even got to meat Brandon the president or the GPAA, we talked for a bit. I thought the dig went great very educational for the newbie like my wife and I. Met lots of really great people, Nice hat Ron, 'Thanks,This hats battier than I am' Yeah i'll bet he' ended up battier than the hat before it was over. Dominic and kevin following around threatened to throw my wife off the bridge in...
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by  Tim LeibelJump to last post
07 Nov 2014 05:51 PM
7 Replies and 8897 Views Mobile App  8897  7 Started by  QNCrazy When I am not working, I am busy playing as I hope most of you are.  I use my cell phone for everything.  So my question is, is GPAA working on a mobile app or are they considering a mobile app  I think most members will agree that a mobile app is a great idea so we can keep up on the latest information from almost anywhere.  What do the members think 
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by  TODD JAEGERJump to last post
07 Nov 2014 05:18 PM
3 Replies and 5685 Views how to update chapter membership in profile  5685  3 Started by  Cwsearcher Hello.  I have not been able to find a way to show my chapter membership in my profile.  I am currently VP of the Wausau WI Prospectors Chapter and would like to show that I am a chapter member.  How can this be done Thank You
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by  Christopher BungJump to last post
29 Oct 2014 05:22 PM
0 Replies and 5406 Views Partnering-up  5406  0 Started by  IZ I have some basic prospecting equipment, excellent electronic equipment for detecting on land and water & a 4x4. Located in the Sacramento area. Would like to team up with someone compatible.
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25 Oct 2014 03:18 PM
20 Replies and 18568 Views 2015 GPAA Gold & Treasure Shows!!!  18568  20 Started by  BJohnson I am excited to announce the GPAA is on the verge of releasing our Gold & Treasure Show schedule for 2015! We have 9 locations selected and are in the process of finalizing dates and contracts. We will be working with our local chapters and our valued partners to offer:   - Free panning demonstrations - Our in depth lecture series expanding upon the curriculum covered in the new GPAA Claims Club Mining Guide - Product demonstrations on the latest prospecting equipment featured by ou...
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by  RICHARD PLUFFJump to last post
21 Oct 2014 08:49 AM
37 Replies and 18518 Views mining guide  18518  37 Started by  WATMOC@HOTMAIL.COM
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My buddy, who is a GPAA member just received a new guide in the mail. I am a LDMA member. Do I not get the GPAA guide anymore
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by  NICOLE MCCLEAFJump to last post
14 Oct 2014 08:46 AM
4 Replies and 8437 Views dredging  8437  4 Started by  golddog2 Has anyone heard how the settlement case is going. Would be nice to get back in the water.
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by  SYLVESTER CULLENJump to last post
18 Sep 2014 07:58 PM
0 Replies and 3299 Views How to Add An Image to a Forum Post  3299  0 Started by  nicmcc I whipped up these instructions on How to Add an Image to a Forum Post.  I hope you find them useful.  Please let me know if you run into issues or if the instructions need to be clearer.
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17 Sep 2014 04:56 PM
2 Replies and 4404 Views Introducing 2 New GPAA Website Features: Member Video Uploads and Online Publications  4404  2 Started by  nicmcc We are excited to give you a sneak peak of our two newest website features available only to members! You can now upload videos directly to the GPAA website, as well as access a digital version of Gold Prospectors magazine.  Please note: These features are currently in the beta launch stage. Click here to report issues or bugs you encounter. VIDEO To upload a video to your profile: 1. Log into your account at, go to your profile, & click on 'Video Man...
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by  NICOLE MCCLEAFJump to last post
09 Sep 2014 12:22 PM
0 Replies and 3233 Views Fires and FLoods  3233  0 Started by  tpleibel I have seen several posts under the LDMA forum about this but as a lowly GPAA member I cannot read these. What is happening in Arizona and California with the fires and floods The rain I just saw on the national news looks to be effecting the southern part of California and Arizona. I know there are some nice claims there. Also the fires around Yosemite had a terrible effect on claims 2 years ago. What is happening up there now I am not planning a trip that way soon, but others might be and ...
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08 Sep 2014 05:41 PM
0 Replies and 4231 Views GPAA Action Alerts  4231  0 Started by  BSMiner On PLP's website, there's a link to 'GPAA Action Alerts' - this now gives a 404 error.   Webmasters, this can be resolved by a simple redirect on your F5's.   As one of PLP's major supporters, and as GPAA leans heavily on PLP to look after legal issues, I'm surprised this has gone unreported.   GPAA needs to support the PLP, AS WELL AS get into the various legal fights themselves. I've yet to hear of GPAA representing in *ANY* court.     One more reaso...
0 4231
01 Aug 2014 07:58 PM
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