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With over 14 thousand sold nation wide, this Self Locking Folding Sluice Box is perfectly designed for transporting if walking any distance. This box becomes ridged when opened to its 50" length, with our pattened locking devices. Folds up to only 15" with flare stored inside of box.

Protected by US patent No.: 8,322,536. Beware of imitators out on the market, some are made with thinner materials and with no locking devices. While others utilize a thumb screw which slips.

With over 13 thousand sold nation wide, Royal is the home of the original Self-Locking Sluice box!!

Supplied with Easy, How To Use written instructions, and also a 58 min instructional DVD

*Also available, break down stand that includes four independent legs and 12-volt power pump header kit to turn this sluice box into a recirculator/high banker combo. Each piece sold separately.


Key Features:

.063" Aluminum Body
18 ga. Steel Riffles
.050 Aluminum  Expanded Metal
50" L X 9" W
Deep "V" Ribbed Black Rubber Matting for easy Gold ID
Nylon Carry Strap for easy Transport
Zinc Plated Riffles (Gold Coloring)
Folds from 50" to 15" for easy transportation
Total weight 7.3 lbs!

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Inroducing our newest pick specially designed for use as a metal detecting and prosectng digging tool. With it's 50 lb pull flush mounted (patent pending) rare earth magnet, conveniently centered on the head, it creates a powerful magnetic surface to better seperate iron targets. Flush mounting, as opposed to surface mounted magnets, also makes for a smooth blade surface so it doesn't impact against material and it's easier to wipe clean. Zinc plated for long rust-free service life.

This pick is not made or improvised from from farming plow discs or leaf springs or other inferior products intended for different applications. We've been around for 25 years producing superior quality products that you have grown to trust.
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Introducing Royal's True Highbanker/Hopper 30" Compact Sluice Box Kit. This kit is built around our 30" Compact Steam Sluice Box. The Sluice can be used alone or by removing the flare and adding the Hopper it can be used as a True Highbanker. Included in this kit is our Compact folding stand with 16" and 20  adjustable legs. The adjustable legs make it easy when leveling out your sluice box in any terrain. 


Key Features:

* 063" Aluminum Body
* Sluice Box 30" Long x 7" Wide x 2.5 Tall
* 5 Zinc Plated Riffles laser cut from one piece of Steel (Gold Color)
* 4" Black Anodized carrying Handle for easy transport
* All hardware made of Zinc plated Steel
* Sluice Box, 3.8 lbs
* 7' x 1-1/8" hose
* Johnson 1980 GPH 12VDC Pump
* Folding Stand, 16 GA CRS tubing
* Detachable filter screen included
* Removable 1/4" Rod, Gold Zinc Plated CRS Grizzly

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This machine is big enough to accept full shovel loads of material, yet is small enough to be easily transported to your prospecting site. With its low 3 amp draw motor, it can be operated by a small wheelchair battery all day. With its 100% welded frame work and additional bends supporting the grizzly classifier, this rugged unit can withstand heavy uses and even a 180 lb person standing on top of it. The four adjustable legs can be easily leveled on any terrain making this an exceptional item for all around prospecting.

Highbanker / Recirculating Sluice with four 24" independent leveling legs.

All corners are rounded and deburred, hardware is permanently pressed in.

Works directly in any water source (Creeks, Ponds, Rivers, Etc.) or even from a reservoir container.

* With the addition of your 30 gallon reservoir and tailing buckets (not included), you can turn this highbanker unit into a recirculator.


Key Features:

.063" Aluminum
24" Long  X  7-1/2" Wide
5 Zinc Plated Riffles (Gold Coloring)
18 ga. Zinc Plated Steel Riffles (Gold Coloring)
13 ga. Expanded Metal
Outdoor Matting
 Tsunami 800 GPH Pump uses a low 3 amp draw 12VDC motor
All four leg thumb srews made of Stainless Steel
14.8 Lbs.
Supplied with a 38 min how to use DVD

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Our Royal King Dry Washer IS THE LARGEST CAPACITY DRY WASHER MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! We pay special attention to building the best quality and the most durability machine with our customers in mind. This Dry Washer has many fine features not found on any other Dry Washers on the market today. Additional quality without the additional price.

The Hopper is fully enclosed so no large rocks get in under the classifier clogging your adjustable flow valve.

Royal Kings Hopper is over-sized at 40" x 27" for easy feeding.

Construced of 143 rivets making this a more durable stronger product.

All steel components are zinc plated for durability.

Full 56" high so that the hopper is at the proper work height.

49 lbs of Gold getting durability including stand.

Silicon rubber insolater on all chains connected to recovery box so that the static charge builds quicker, stronger and does not dissipate quickly.

Supplied with Easy, How To Use written instructions and a 70 min instructional DVD.

Key Features:

The unit stands 56" Tall

.063" Aluminum

Hopper 40" x 27"

Recovery Box 34" x 14"

9 Zinc Platted Riffles (Gold Color)

All hardware made of Stainless Steel

49 lbs including Stand


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