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Michael Pavelek
Step 1 of 1

The creek is flowing beautifully. Great spot to pan.


Lode is feeding the claim.

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Step 1 of 2

I surveyed the claim and discovered a lode starting South of the road and continuing in a SW direction. The gold coming off the lode is going in a NW direction. I read gold from the lode over 1/2 mile to the end of the arrow.


Gold panning

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Ryan Gonzalez
Step 1 of 2

Nice area, dirt road wasn't to bad I drove in by car...didn't have any luck but ill try a new spot next week with the drywasher


Second trip

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Phillip Swain
Step 1 of 1

Brought my own water this trip and did some test pans from different areas .. Found some small flakes and some fly poop...wish that creek had some water in it.


First time at claim

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Phillip Swain
Step 1 of 1

Just got back from day trip to claim. No water so grab some samples from a couple places. Will submit second report on what I found..will probably go back soon and bring some water to do some panning
So finished cleaning up the material we gathered up while there and we found some fly poop size gold dust...figure for a bucket and half of material not bad considering. We had never been there we plan on going back in a week or so..if weather holds. Beautiful area