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Twin River Campground and Cottages

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Timothy Schoen
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I used a gold hog stream sluice with a high flow mat. I worked the water line along the center island bank for around 6 hours on and off and came out with maybe .5g or so. It's 5 dollars for the day and getting there early to get a parking spot along the river (if you're not camping) is key. If you love dock spiders you will love this area, they are everywhere.


My first ever go prospecting

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Hmmm. I actually used the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket. I pushed about 7 gallons of dirt through the system and classified that down to about 2 1/2 cups of panning dirt.

$5 to work it or $15 for the month.

No digging into the banks, no cutting the brush. You can dredge but you may need to show your permit,

I am new at this, I'm not sure how good I am at panning. Nonetheless, I got on flake of gold. nothing else.

last year someone pulled out a 9.2 gram chunk. So, there is gold there. I am just too new to know exactly where to look.

I'll be back. Nice tranquil spot