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Easy Access to Claim — 2x4

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Aaron Beaudry
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There is one road to/from the claim. It is paved and in great condition until ~ 1/4 mile before the claim. At this point it becomes a dirt road which is in ok condition. Should be fine for all/any vehicles. If you follow the road until its termination there is a wide open field that would be good for camping.

While getting to the claim was very easy, the hike down to the first creek you encounter is very steep and is all loose rock/sediment. The second creek is on flatter land by the camping area. Both creeks on the claim were nearly inaccessible due to vegetation. A few spots on the first creek could be accessed but I saw far too much poison oak in the area to feel comfortable working there. If you're immune to poison oak or are able to visit in a dryer year or during late fall/winter I think this looks like a very interesting claim. Old hydraulic mining operation on the immediately adjacent hill, tailings piles everywhere.


After the meadow — 2x4

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Michael Weeks
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When you get to the bottom of the meadow at Dutch creek turn left before crossing the creek. There is a dirt road that goes back to the first creek so you don’t have to go down the embankment. I found a few flakes l.

So much trash it’s unreal!!! Abandoned RV abandoned Chevy with Idaho plates. Ton of garbage piles everywhere!!!


Where are the markers? — 2x4

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Robert Ledoux
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Listed directions are correct, and we found the area fine. There's lots of trash, as stated, but only saw claim markers for other names, nothing that said GPAA. I'm very new to this so maybe I just don't know what to look for. Attaching a picture of the claim sign that I did find.